Reasons for Hair Fall

We bring to you the major reasons told by the experts of ladies salon in Dubai:

1. Thyroid Problems
The thyroid gland, which is the major endocrine gland, creates hormones that control our metabolism. Hair fall can occasionally be a sign that the gland is either over or under creating hormones.

2. Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome is mutual in women and causes numerous hormonal disparities, which express themselves in the form of severe hair thinning, among many other things.

3. Alopecia Areata
This is an illness that causes severe hair loss and also baldheadedness.

4. Scalp Infections
Ringworm, which is a very common fungal scalp contagion, causes majority hair loss in patches.

5. Pregnancy
During pregnancy women undergo many hormonal changes; this is one aim for hair loss. Additionally, if she is not getting sufficient essential vitamins and minerals, it can also top to hair fall.

6. Birth Control Pills
Birth control pills are very robust and cause flaking of hair. If your family has a history of hair loss, it’s best you dodge these.

7. Poor Diet
It is vital to include plenty of protein and Vitamin E rich foods in your diet. The lack of these in your diet can also cause hair fall.

8. Hair Styling
Trying with your hair makes it hard and weak. It’s paramount to keep heat styling and hair straightening at a nominal to avoid hair loss. And if it is something you want to do frequently, make sure that you use good quality hair products to nurture your hair. Salon in Dubai has shampoos and conditioners that are decent products to use if you want suitable, lovely hair.

9. Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy denotes to the action a person with cancer undergoes. It results in whole or spot baldness due to the strong drugs patients are prescribed to. A vitamin and protein rich regime should help.

10. Stress
Hair loss, among other things, can be an indication of stress. Contemplation and deep breathing is advised.

11. Genetics
This is out of a person’s mechanism and is a very mutual cause for hair loss. See a doctor for corrective measures.

12. Deficiency of Vitamin B
It is unconditionally crucial to eat the requisite amount of Vitamin B to keep hair loss at bay. Foods like fish, starchy veggies and non-citrus fruits are certainly rich in this vitamin.

13. Excess of Vitamin A
Excess of Vitamin A is known to cause hair fall; continuously keep a check on the quantity you are consuming.

14. Weight loss
Unexpected weight loss, which is caused by numeral of factors, can also cause hair loss. When a person loses weight swiftly, there is a drop in blood sugar levels which in turn causes hair thinning.

15. Anaemia
Anaemia, which is the shortage of iron, deteriorates hair and causes it to fall. It is indispensable to include iron in your diet and if the delinquent persists, remember, a doctor is just a call away.

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