Everything You Need To Know About Burning Mouth Syndrome

A burning mouth syndrome is one of the most painful and complex health condition as per the doctors in Dubai. It is often felt as a tingling feeling in the mouth. This feeling may up car for a few days or in certain cases for various months. The pain may also be accompanied by a dry mouth.

The burning mouth syndrome or BMS is mostly diagnosed in adults who are above the age of 60. Also the central He said to be more common in women than men.

If you have been feeling any of the symptoms doctors in Dubai can prescribe medication to help you reduce and manage the pain.

Below Mentioned Are Some Of The Causes Of Burning Mouth Syndrome

There are two types of burning mouth syndrome. The first one is the primary burning mouth syndrome which is generally not caused by a medical problem. This is generally caused when damage is done to the nerves that control pain and taste. The other type of burning mouth syndrome is generally called as a result of a medical problem the symptoms of this secondary burning mouth syndrome can be cured when the medical problem is treated itself. It can be due to certain hormonal changes such as menopause, diseases like diabetes, allergies, dry mouth, other medicines, or nutritional deficiencies.

Those who suffer from a burning mouth syndrome often feel numbness or tingling in your mouth. Some other symptoms can be an altered taste. A burning mouth Centrum generally affects the tongue although the pain of this can be felt in the lips or throughout the mouth. The pain of a burning mouth syndrome can be a long lasting one. There are patients who constantly suffer from this pain. Although in many patients this pain is substantially reduced after eating or drinking.

The problem with a burning mouth syndrome is that it is hard to diagnose. Your doctor or your dentist may I ask you to visit a specialist who can diagnose BMS. The specialist can also be an oral medicine surgeon or dentist. In order to diagnose if you suffer from a burning mouth syndrome your doctor or dentist may ask you to undergo certain medical tests. These tests may include allergy test, salivary flow test, or a tissue biopsy.

BMS is a complex pain disorder and for this reason we have listed down certain helpful tips so as to help you ease the pain. You can try sipping a cold beverage or chewing a sugar free gum. If you are someone who suffers from the burning mouth syndrome make sure you avoid tobacco, alcoholic beverages, acidic fruits and juices, mouthwash is that comprise of alcohol or spicy foods.

For more tips or treatment on the burning mouth syndrome you can visit specialist doctors in Dubai or clinics in Dubai

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