Everything To Know About A Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome is a health condition that generally occurs when an individual spends long hours in front of any digital gadgets such as computers, television, or mobile phones. As per the recent reports and suggestions given by many hospitals in Dubai there has been an increase in number of people who suffer from a discomfort or vision related problems.

This health condition is also very common in the recent times as most of us have jobs that require us to stare at a digital gadget for long hours. However we do not realize that this can cause damage to our eyes as it can put a lot of strain or pressure. Those elements that are caused as a result of this fall under a big computer vision syndrome. As per a recent study it has been proven that about 70 percent of people who work in front of a computer screen suffer from these problems.

While this condition is faced by adults, kids also suffer from this problem. Studying for long hours in front of the computer can also calls computer vision syndrome. This is particularly when a child studies in a room that does not have an appropriate lighting.

It is important to know that this condition if not treated at the right time can lead to worse consequences over a period of time. This is so because when you work in front of a digital gadget your eyes have to focus on it all the time. This constant focus and shifting of eyes from documents to digital screen can affect your eyes muscles.

However there is no scientific proof that can tell you that computers can cause a long-term damage to your eyes. However some common symptoms that you can notice in order to detect if you suffer from this ailment are:

Blurred vision, double vision, irritation in the eye, headache, and back pain.

However if you do not suffer any of the symptoms or don’t know anything about them it can affect you even more. This can also have a very negative impact on your work performance.

Follow the below easy tips to treat this problem.

You can make some small changes at your work place an order to who is your vision and to prevent further problem.

Cut The Glare

Make sure that you try to change the lighting around you. This is important to decrease the effect of computer screen on your eyes. This means that if a light cast a glare try to move your monitor and close the shades. You can also ask your boss to install a dimmer switch for you which will help in protecting your vision.

Rearrange Your Desk

You must understand in the best position for your computer is just lightly below your eyes level. This will ensure that you do not have to stretch your neck or put a lot of pressure on your eyes just to see what has been written on the screen.

Give Your Eyes A Break

Take small breaks after regular intervals. Doctors in Dubai recommend that you should give your eyes some break after every 20 minutes so as to avoid further problems. Also try to blink more often in order to keep your eyes moist.

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