First Signs Of Liver Cancer

The main problem of liver cancer is that unlike many other forms of cancer, the symptoms of liver cancer are not generally visible in its early stages. As a result of this most people in Dubai tend to suffer from this problem at an advanced stage. The reason being there are no particularly recommended screening test that are developed especially for liver cancer. However those individuals who have a family history or background of diseases that run hereditary or support from other is factors are always recommended to visit their doctor every once in a while in order to take precautions for their health and to monitor their health and a much better way. This can help in reducing risk of suffering from liver cancer. Doctors in Dubai recommends to undergo regular blood test and other ultrasound at least once in every six months to decrease their risk of suffering from liver cancer.

While the symptoms are not easily visible as there are certain early warning signs that you can look out for in order to prevent liver cancer from spreading. However these signs and symptoms may differ from individual to individual and a patient may or may not suffer from any of these symptoms. In certain cases an individual may suffer from more than one of these symptoms. We have listed down some of the common early signs and symptoms of liver cancer that an individual should be aware of. Read below to know more about them:

Pain In The Upper Abdomen

If you suffer from constant pain in the upper abdomen or in the right side of your shoulder blade it could be a sign of liver cancer. If you have been undergoing such frequent pains we recommend that you visit your doctor in order to get tested.

Enlarged Liver

Just generally occurs due to excessive consumption of alcohol or unhealthy food. However an enlarged liver can also be a sign of liver cancer and you may feel an excessive amount of mass under your ribs. This is generally notice on the right side of your liver. If you have noticed any such swelling we recommend that you immediately visit your doctor and get tested for the same.

Suffering From Jaundice

Another common sign of liver cancer is jaundice. When you suffer from this disease which causes yellowing or feeling of your skin and eyes it could be a symptom of liver cancer. This is so because of my enjoy understand occur due to other reasons also, one of the major reasons why it takes place it’s because your liver does not function properly.

Weight Loss

While you would be quite happy to notice a sudden loss of weight on the weighing scale, let us tell you that the sudden loss of weight is not always associated with a change in diet. You should never ignore such signs as it could be a cause of liver cancer. Don’t ignore these signs & immediately visit your nearest clinic or hospitals in Dubai.

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