Unhealthy Foods to Avoid

With so much talk of hale and hearty foods and what you must be eating, the foods that are the most horrible for us can get ignored. The reason it’s so tough to evade these kinds of food is since the things that make them bad also make them savour good. Fatty foods usually taste good, so do sugary and salty ones, which means a lot of the foods you love are likely not the greatest things you can have.

There are abundant of foods that you can turn to that taste wonderful and won’t risk your well-being. It’s about having knowledge of why certain foods are bad, so you can make healthier choices on a day-to-day basis. That being said, here are some nutritional landmines to watch out for recommended by the best doctors in Dubai.

Fast Food 

We all know we shouldn’t eat fast food since it’s bad for us, but portion of the reason is since of all the trans fats and other flavours they use to make the food taste good. The problem is not just that there is trans-fat in the foods, but that the portion sizes rapidly increase those contents and before long you have a week’s worth of trans fat in one meal.

Packaged Cookies

Most of the cookies will still sneak some trans-fat in, in spite of a label that says “trans-fat free”. You may be able to validate those because they only happen a few times per year, but check to understand if your favourite store bought cookies are made with partly hydrogenated cooking oils, chances are they are so they can offer shelf-stable cookies at a reasonable cost.

Cake Frosting

The cake itself might not have trans-fat, but probabilities are if the frosting isn’t made from scratch it will likely have trans-fat in it. Chances are you wouldn’t be consuming partly hydrogenated oils in your homemade frosting. One serving provides closely a full day’s worth of trans-fat, so you’d better be extra cautious about all of the other food you eat that day.


If you get your pancakes out of a box, you might not even be doubtful that they might contain trans-fat because it starts off in powder form. Many brands of pancake mixes for instance have nearly 5g of trans-fat in every cup. Makes you think double about using pre-made mixes and just take the additional minute or so to come up with your own batch so you know all that’s in it.

Frozen Meals

Maximum individuals purchase frozen dinners for a rapid and stress-free meal, or to help lose weight. Dietitians in the hospitals in Dubai never recommended consumption of frozen meals to lose weight. This is because, numerous of them are loaded with hydrogenated oils which in turn mean they contain trans-fat in some amount. In order to evade these types of meals just check the label for both hydrogenated and partly hydrogenated oils. As you’ll most likely be microwaving these meals, you’re also totaling to their un-healthiness, further put an end to any nutrients they might contain, and treating the ingredients even further.

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