Tooth Extraction at the best Clinics in Dubai

Dental problems can be extremely torturing and painful at the same time. A toothache is no less than a nightmare for most of us. And for this reason, having a good dentist can be a life saver. From teeth infections, teeth aches, teeth extraction to even the complex of dental surgeries, a good dental clinic can handle it all. You dentist will always do a thorough check-up of your mouth to check if there are any gum diseases or a tooth extraction required that can help to ease your dental pain. While regular dental treatments can be performed easily, when it comes to tooth extraction, one needs to visit a dental clinic that has expertise in handling the treatment well. This is because, if the tooth extraction procedure goes wrong, the patient will have to bear a lot of pain and undergo various sittings to finally get it done right.

So for this reason, we have compiled a list that talks about Tooth Extraction at the best clinics in Dubai:

Oracare Dental Clinic

When we talk about expertise, Oracare Dental Clinic in Barsha 1 surely tops the list. The consultation here starts at AED 150. One thing that we can assure you about the clinic is the advanced technology. They use nothing but the best medical equipment to treat their patients. They have handled numerous tooth extraction cases till now and delivered successful, pain-free treatment to their patients. They have a qualified staff that takes good care of each visitor. The cosmetic dentistry treatments by Dr. Shahrzad Kadkhodayan are very famous and reliable at this clinic. They surely offer excellent dentistry services.

Empire Dental Clinic

Empire Dental Clinic is also amongst the best dental clinics in Dubai. They have their consultation charges starting from AED 200. They are also a technologically well-advanced clinic in Dubai. Their services are reliable and many citizens of Dubai have bestowed their trust in the services since many years. If someone is going through serious dental problems or looking out for a reliable dental clinic that can perform tooth extraction procedure without any complications, Empire Dental Clinic should surely be visited. They have the best team of dentists working with them.

Drs. Nicolas & Asp Medical, Dental & Aesthetic Center

Drs. Nicolas & Asp Medical, Dental & Aesthetic Center is in Downtown. While the consultation fees of this clinic are a little higher as compared to others, the clinic does not lack in offering excellent services. The consultation charges are AED 470. The treatments are conducted with utmost care and precaution. Their team comprises of Dentists, Pediatric dentists, Orthodontists, Oral Surgeons, Impantologists and aesthetic doctors who have achieved great success and recognition for their treatments. You can completely rely on the tooth extraction procedure conducted here. The clinic has always had a track record of speedy recovery for most of its patients. They are a well-renowned name in the healthcare industry and are associated with the best doctors in Dubai.

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