Clinics who have a Chiropractor

Clinics who have a Chiropractor

Knowing a good chiropractor is always a benefit. A chiropractor is a professional who can cure multiple issues that are related to neuromuscular disorders and spine injuries. When a person undergoes ailments like these, it is always advisable to visit a chiropractor and not a general physician. This is because a chiropractor can offer you the best advice and medical treatment. For this reason it is important to know a good chiropractor in case of an emergency.

So for this reason, we at Fidoc have compiled a list of clinics who have a Chiropractor working with them:

Blue Tree Clinics

Blue Tree Clinics is amongst one of the best medical clinics in Dubai. Their chiropractors are skilled and knowledgeable doctors who have over the years handled various cases of patients related to neuromuscular disorders. The consultation fee at this clinic starts at only AED 350. Being a multi-specialty clinic, this medical center is expert in offering treatments related to various body ailments and allergies. Being a renowned name in the healthcare industry of Dubai, one can completely rely on the services offered.

Synergy Integrated Medical Center

When it comes to chiropractic services, Synergy Integrated Medical Center is also a well-recognized and acknowledged name in the healthcare industry of Dubai. Consultation fees here start only at AED 395. They also have a team of acupuncturist on board with them to illness related to body pain and ailments. The operating hours are from Saturday to Thursday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Up And Running Medical Center

Up And Running Medical Center is located at Jumeirah and operates from Saturday to Monday 7:00 am to 10:30 pm. While the consultation fees at this clinic are a little higher as compared to other medical clinics .i.e. AED 500 the treatments here are extra ordinary. They also have a team of Family Physicians with them, in case you are looking out for a good clinic upon which your family can rely.

Elaj Medical Center

Elaj Medical Center has a team of chiropractors who have garnered a lot of praise for successfully treating patients all across Dubai. The medical center has had a track record of treating various ailments related to spinal disorder. Not only are the treatments offered at this clinic good, but the staff support that the medical center offers is also commendable. The clinic incorporates latest machinery, imbibe the best practices and instill the confidence in our patients.

Royal Aesthetica Polyclinic

Royal Aesthetica Polyclinic is situated at Jumeirah 1. This is also a popular multi-specialty clinic in Dubai who has an amazing team of doctors on board with them. The clinic excels in chiropractic services and is considered to be one the best. The best doctors in Dubai are associated with this hospital. You can visit this clinic was various other services as well.

To know more about the best chiropractors in Dubai, contact us at Fidoc.

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