Best Heart Attack Treatment in Dubai

Medical emergencies can come to you at any point of time. During an emergency it is but natural that your family can panic or you may yourself panic if you do not know what exactly needs to be done or where exactly you need to be at. One such medical condition is a fatal and a serious heart attack. If you are someone who is suffering from a heart or cardiac problem or someone you know suffers from a similar problem, it is important to be well aware about the best heart attack treatment in Dubai. When you are well aware about the treatments, you are always on the safer side and the risks and uncertainties are always reduced.

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Harleys International Medical Clinic – Nashwan Building

One of the oldest and most renowned, Harleys International Medical Clinic – Nashwan Building has a reputation of treating patients with effective results. They have been offering exceptional treatments related to heart problems or cardiac arrests. The clinic is located in the Bur Dubai area of Dubai and the consultation fees of the clinic start only at AED 125. Their focus has always been towards delivering quality treatments to its patients. You can highly rely upon their services and visit the clinic for other ailments as well.

Prime Medical Center

Another one to add to our list of the best heart attack treatments in Dubai is the Prime Medical Center. This clinic is also a well-renowned name in the healthcare industry of Dubai and trusted by many in Dubai for the heart related treatments. It is located in the Bur Dubai area of Dubai and the consultation fees at this clinic start at AED 160.  They have the best and top notch technology available with them for treating ailments like heart attack and other cardiovascular ailments.

NMC Medical Centre

Situated in the Abu Hail area of Dubai, NMC Medical Centre also offers exceptional treatments for heart patients. This is also another clinic in Dubai that you can trust upon during a health emergency like heart attack. They strongly believe in offering ethical health practices to all its patients. Being a multi-specialty clinic you can also avail other ailments and treatments at this medical centre. The consultation charges at this clinic start at AED 100. They have the best team of doctors on board with them. Dr. Anjana Asokan Nair is a well-known cardiologist associated with this medical centre. The operating hours of this clinic are from Sunday to Saturday 7:00 am to 11: 00 pm. They have a very courteous staff and the best doctors in Dubai on board with them and that is why they are amongst the top 3 clinics in Dubai list for heart attack treatment.

Heart attack can be a dangerous ailment that may or may not show any prior symptoms. Hence it is always better to know about the best cardiologists. For more details about heart treatments in Dubai, visit Fidoc.

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