Best Diet and Weight Loss Treatment in Dubai

Taking good care of your health is something that most of us miss out doing on. This is because our fast paced life somewhere makes us skip taking good care of our fitness and health. While this cannot be an excuse and taking care of ones health is always mandatary, we at times make decisions related to our nutrition that has an adverse impact on our health. This may most of the times, lead to excessive gain of weight. While there could be many other reasons, as to why a person gains weight, eating a lot of junk or high calorie food is one of the major reasons. Another reason that may lead increase in an individual’s weight could be hereditary problems, certain medications that cause weight gain or even due to skipping multiple meals. While the reasons could be many it is important for one to understand that controlling his/ her weight is important to lead a healthy future.

So we at Fidoc have compiled a list of the best diet and weight loss treatment in Dubai that can help in a speedy weight loss and give you a fitter and stronger body as well as mind. Read below to know more:

Fakih Medical Center

This medical center is located in the Jumeriah 1 area of Dubai and is regarded as one of the best clinics in Dubai for weight loss and weight management related treatments. You can completely rely upon the services offered at this medical center and it is also one of the most trusted healthcare centers in Dubai. The consultation charges at this medical center start at AED 350 only. Fakih Medical Center will surely offer you treatment that is of the best and premium quality and deliver results that are visible and long lasting.

New Al Shefa Clinic

Another popular clinic known for the best weight loss and nutrition counselling, New Al Shefa Clinic is located in the Satwa area of Dubai. They have a team of the best nutritionist on boar with them and patients visiting this medical clinic have always bestowed their immense trust upon this clinic. Besides offering nutrition and counselling with a complete diet and exercise chart, they also offer treatments like Liposculpture for those who wish to see immediate results. The treatments offered at this clinic are completely safe to try as well.

Sheikh Manaa Bin Hasher Al Maktoum Polyclinic

Sheikh Manaa Bin Hasher Al Maktoum Polyclinic is also a medical centre located in the Jumeriah 1 area of Dubai. The medical centre has the best dietician in terms of counselling on board with them. Many patients have seen immense improvement in their health and fitness journey after availing diet counselling and weight loss treatment at this clinic. The consultation charges at this clinic are also pretty affordable and start only at AED 150. Another worthy feature to mention about this clinic is their beautiful and soothing ambience.

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