Best Dermatology Clinics & Hospitals in Dubai

Skin problems can be very tough to get rid of. Acne, pimples, allergies are some of the common skin issues that we all come across quite often. While these issues may not be fatal, it can surely impact an individual’s morale and self-esteem. To get rid of these ailments it is very important to visit a good dermatologist. This is because skin or hair problems cannot be treated through normal medications. You need to have proper medical guidance to cure it permanently. In some worse cases skin issues can permanently damage your physique and health. If you too are suffering from skin or hair problems and looking out for medical help, this article is all you need to read.

Take a look below at the best dermatology clinics and hospitals in Dubai:

Cavallo Aesthetic Clinic

This dermatology clinic is located in Umm Sequim and is quite famous. The consultation charges at the clinic start at AED 500. Cavallo Aesthetic Clinic is considered as one of the best dermatology centres in Dubai. Many patients have over the years bestowed their complete trust and faith in the services offered by them. The interiors and ambience of the clinic is absolutely luxurious. They have a talented team of aesthetic doctors and dermatologists who have excelled in their particular fields. The skin treatments offered at this clinic are very popular. Besides the skin treatments, the clinic is also well-known for its cosmetic procedures.

Aster Clinic

Though a multi-specialty clinic, Aster Clinic is popularly known for its dermatology treatments. Many locals and even expats have been visiting this clinic since many years for dermatology treatments. Aster Clinic is a well-recognized and reputed name in the healthcare industry of Dubai. The consultation charges here are quite affordable and begin only at AED 178. The clinic also specialises in gynaecology treatments and internal medicine. Skin problems that include acne, hair growth and rashes are well-addressed by dermatologists here and are treated instantly. The clinic is open on all days between 9 am to 12 am. Dr. Pooja Gupta is an expert dermatologist working with the clinic.

Obagi Medi Spa

Obagi Medi Spa defines luxury in the best possible way. The ambience, vibes and arrangements at this clinic give you a positive and refreshing vibe. The consultation charges are AED 400. These might sound a little higher but are perfectly apt for the treatments that are offered here. They have a wide range and services for you to choose from. The place, besides offering treatments offer services which are perfect to help you unwind after a hectic day. The spacious infrastructure of the clinic is also quite appealing. The doctors here are highly trained and qualified and will offer you the best medical treatment ever.

We hope this article helps you find the right doctors in Dubai for you. To know more about other dermatologists in your area, visit the Fidoc website to call and book an appointment.

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