Types Of Body Pain To Never Ignore

Doctors always recommend that every day aches or body pain should never be ignored. This is so because it could indicate a serious health emergency.

While it is true that not every headache or heartburn is serious, constant pain in the same areas should not be neglected. Doctors in Dubai tell that pain in the body is a way of telling us that something isn’t right with our functioning. However when the pain comes suddenly and stays for a longer duration it calls for immediate medical attention. We have listed down some common kinds of body pain that should never be neglected. Read below to know more about them:

Chest Pain

Chest pain is a kind of pain that should never be neglected. This is particularly the case for people who suffer from heart diseases. While sometime a chest pain can be due to a gastric disorder, there are different kinds of chest pain that generally do not go away easily and cause problems such as shortness of breath and pain in the upper body. In case you have been experiencing any of these symptoms we recommend you immediately visit your nearby hospital. To find out the best hospitals in Dubai near your vicinity you can also visit us at Fidoc.

Head Ache

Head pain does not necessarily have to be very serious. At times it can only be due to a migraine. However if the pain is not accompanied by any other symptoms of migraine it could be way more serious. This type of headache can also damage your brain within minutes and hence it is important to immediately call for help.

A Throbbing Tooth

This is probably a kind of body pain that most of us tend to ignore. You need to understand that a throbbing pain in your tooth generally occurs when your nerve inside the teeth has been damaged. It means that you require immediate medical attention and in case if your tooth is infected with any kind of fungus or bacteria you may have to undergo an immediate treatment called as root canal.

Severe Pain Towards The Side

If a pain like this is accompanied by a sensation of feeling nauseated and having high fever it could be a sign of appendicitis. In women this can also be due to ovarian cyst. You need to know that ovarian cyst requires immediate surgical treatment in order to avoid further complications. If you have been noticing any such symptoms we recommend you immediately visit your doctor for further guidance.

Back Pain

We often tend to ignore back pain by simply applying an ointment that can offer us some temporary relief. However if this ointment still hasn’t been doing its work and you are continuing to suffer from a lot of back pain and symptoms such as tingling toes we recommend that you immediately visit an orthopedist. There could be a chance that you may have suffered from a problem such as a slipped disk. If you ignore this problem it can cause a permanent damage to the nerves.

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