How To Treat Common Slip & Fall Injuries

The research states that injuries caused due to a slip & fall lead to a serve death. These slips and falls often occur in places that are used by an individual ample number of times in a day. It could be a home or your office, a staircase or a door. All these accidental prone areas are usually avoided by us.

Hospitals and clinics are majorly covered by the patients who are victims of a slip or a fall injury. Most of the time these victims show up when it’s too late. If the slip or fall injury is common, don’t hold back and treat the wound by yourself. It won’t help you but rather give you more trouble. It is immensely important to visit the doctors in Dubai or a clinics in Dubai and show you wound. It is quite important to explain to the doctor, how you had this fall and where. So that they get a better understanding of distance or height you slipped or fell from.

The injury completely depends on the way you fell from a certain place. Few injuries could be on the head, soft tissue, cut & wounds, fractures & broken bones. If these injuries are major, one should not find measures at home, instead visit the doctor. While at the same time if these injuries are minor, you can treat it at home under proper guidance. Firstly, you need to clean the wound properly with antiseptic lotion. See to it the dirt & blood stains are cleared off from the nearby places too. Apply a lotion that will help stop bleeding. Don’t apply more than one lotion or medicine. Cover it with a piece of cotton & tape the wounded area with a medical tape. In case you are not moving, you can close the wound with the cotton. Don’t forget to keep your wounded body part upwards, this will help the blood flow in the opposite direction.

The other quick treatment for these injuries is hospital care. If your injury is serious, emergency room care is where you need to visit. You can also contact the best chiropractic care in Dubai and get the best treatment for you. Physical therapy is the next step you would want to opt for. This treatment will help your wounded body part move & get some exercise. This will help your body from getting rusted which later tends to cause a serve pain around that area.

We suggest you don’t wait back and suffer from these injuries. Contact the doctor or hospitals in Dubai to get cured as soon as possible. Also, you need to be cautious enough while walking or doing any activity, indoor or outdoor that could lead you towards an injury. If you see a sign of caution, take a different route even if it’s long, it will save your life. Don’t experiment or explore in areas that look old and weak. It could build up to your injury too.

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