Tips To Control Cholesterol For A Healthy Lifestyle

High cholesterol can cause various ailments that can have a serious impact on your overall health. While medications can help in improving your cholesterol levels it is also important to make certain lifestyle changes in order to improve your cholesterol and also to ensure you have a healthy immunity. We spoke to some of the best doctors in Dubai and asked them about their opinion about some of the top lifestyle changes that can help in controlling and regulating cholesterol in the long run. If you are someone who has been unable to control your cholesterol over the years, this blog is surely a must read for you. Read below to know more some of the important changes that you need to start making.

Eat Food That Can Help In Improving Your Heart Health

Your heart’s health plays a crucial role in your overall well-being and thus it is important for you to make certain changes in your diet that can help in reducing the cholesterol levels. You need to avoid consumption of saturated fats.

These kinds of fats are generally found in dairy products or red meat. When you reduce the consumption of these fats it can help in eliminating the bad cholesterol from your body.

Also avoid consumption of Trans fats. These type of fats are generally used in store bought cookies or cakes. Trans fats can increase your overall cholesterol levels and hence in many countries the Food and Drug Administration has banned the consumption of these trans fats.

Follow A Proper Exercise Routine

We are sure you are aware about the fact that exercise can indeed help in improving your cholesterol. It is important for those people suffering from cholesterol problem to carry out certain amount of moderate physical activity on a daily basis in order to boost and increase their good cholesterol levels. Consult your doctor from the clinics in Dubai before indulging in any physical activity. You can take at least 30 minutes of exercise five times a week or also practice some vigorous aerobics exercises for about 20 minutes three times a week. Some of the other exercises that you can indulge in on a daily basis are riding your bike, taking brisk walks during the day or playing your favorite sport.

You Need To Start And Quit Your Smoking Habit

When you stop smoking your body will start noticing a lot of positive changes one of them is improvement in your HDL cholesterol levels.

Within three months of quitting is your blood circulation and lung functions will start to improve and within a year of putting your risk of heart diseases half of that of a smoker.

Lose Weight

Even a few extra pounds can lead to high cholesterol levels. Small changes can help you lose the excessive weight. These include eliminating sugary beverages and replacing them with fresh fruit juices without any sugar added on them. Snack on items such as popcorn which are less and calories. Simple changes such as taking the stairs instead of elevator or parking a little farther from your office can help in reducing unwanted weight.

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