Tips for your Baby’s Health

Taking care of your new-born child is no less than a task. You need to be extra careful while taking care of your new born child. Here are some basic tips that can help you. Take a look at them below:

Be aware of where you are taking your new-born

During the first two months, it is highly recommended that you do not take your baby out in any crowded areas or places. This can lead to your baby getting fever and you might have to take her to the hospital. Your baby’s health is extremely sensitive to the climate and environment outside and thus, it is highly recommended that you protect her as much as you can. Avoid taking your new-born child to shopping centres and also to restaurants.

Nag about washing hands

It may seem distrustful, but it actually is vital that you ask anyone who’s going to embrace your new-born to wash their hands first. This can help in preventing flu and cold and other viruses to your little baby. Also it can avoid the spread of other deadly viruses. If a family member of yours is sick, ask them to maintain a safe distance from your child or tell them to visit after they are healthy, no matter how excited they are for meeting your baby.

Do not stop breastfeeding your child

Even when you’re sick do not stop breastfeeding your child. This is because you would take antibiotics and the same shall be passed on to your baby through breast milk. This way you pass on the immunity to your child.


Children aren’t qualified for the cold shot until they’re at most 6 months old. However to save your baby from the constant whopping cold, what you can do is take a few vaccinations of cold and flu from the clinics in Dubai if you haven’t in the recent time. This can help in immunizing your baby’s health too.

Explain your older child what to do

If you’ve got an elder kid in day care or seminary and you’re concerned about him bringing microorganisms home, you clearly don’t want to do anything dangerous, like send him off to a family member household for two months or advise him to stay away from his younger sibling. However, do not try freak him out. Rather teach him some etiquette like washing hands before he holds the baby. Ask him to cover his hands every time he sneezes, blowing nose in a tissue and throwing it away in the dust-bin. These basic etiquettes can make him mature while taking care of his younger sibling.

Take care about your child’s nutrition

If you have an elder child make sure that he is eating healthy and sleeping enough. This is very crucial to keep your child healthy. A 1-year-old child would nap about 12 to 14 hours collective throughout the day and night. If he isn’t, take him to the nearest hospitals in Dubai and consult a good Pediatrician.

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