Symptoms Of Zinc Deficiency

Zinc is a type of mineral that helps in improving our immunity and also helps us fight better & tackle problems such as infection. Not only does zinc help in improving the strength of our bones and muscles, it provides required proteins to your body thereby ensuring healthy flow of blood throughout your body. It also helps in maintaining and improving your eye health.

However, there could be a good chance that your body does not receive enough amount of zinc in order to function regularly or naturally. We have listed down some Symptoms that can cause deficiency of zinc in your body. If you have been noticing these symptoms lately there is a good chance that you to suffer from zinc deficiency. If this is the case we recommend you immediately visit some of the best doctors in Dubai for the right treatment. Read below to know more:

You Start Noticing Bald Patches

This is one of the most common symptoms to notice, however is ignored by most of us. Excessive hair fall or bald patches on your head are a sign of zinc deficiency. You need to know that low zinc levels can cause A lot of hair fall. In fact it can also cause a disease known as alopecia which causes excessive hair fall on the scalp and also on the other parts of your body. If you noticed some of these symptoms such as thinning of hair it is time that you make your doctor’s appointment. It may be possible that the thinning of hair could be due to some other reasons however it is always better to be sure.

If Your Face Gets Covered With Acne

Doctors in Dubai and other dermatologist also suggest that Consuming medicines or applying ointment that comprise of zinc properties can help in treating acne. This is because zinc comprises of anti-inflammatory properties that can help in decreasing the amount of acne on your face and help you get rid of unwanted bacteria. There are various reasons why acne occurs on your face. However if you feel that no other medicine is helping in healing it is probably because of zinc deficiency.

Is Your Wound Does Not Heal Quickly

While there Might be many reasons why the wound does not heal properly One of the most common reasons is usually because of zinc deficiency. This is so because zinc is an extremely important part in keeping your immunity and immune health well. When you have a deficiency of zinc it is possible that your wound may take a longer time to heal.

If you have been noticing these symptoms make sure you make your doctor’s appointment soon. There are many good hospitals in Dubai and clinics in Dubai that can help you in healing this deficiency.

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