Symptoms Of A Stroke

A stroke is probably one of the most deadliest and grave diseases of all times. It can be life threatening and at the same time cause severe healthy related issues which can lifelong last. A stroke generally occurs when your brain does not receive the required amount of blood that is necessary for proper and smooth functioning. You need to know that you must be always aware about some of the common signs and symptoms of stroke that can actually help in saving a life. You need to know that each year many people in Dubai die due to a serious stroke and this is because not a lot of them are aware about its symptoms. Knowing about the symptoms of stroke can drastically help in decreasing the number of people who today in Dubai are living with this disability. When a stroke occurs you need to know that every second counts. When you receive fast and quick treatment for stroke you need to know that it can help in decreasing the amount of damage that it can cause to your brain. Also when you are well aware about the signs and symptoms of a stroke you can be at a better position to take a very swift action and also save a life. We spoke to some of the best doctors and surgeons in Dubai and asked them they Are opinion about some of the common signs and symptoms that people today should be aware about. Read below what they had to say. The signs and symptoms are both applicable for stroke in men and women.

Sudden Numbness

In case if you get a sensation of weakness in your facial expressions or even your arms and legs it could be a sign of a stroke. Sudden numbness is one of the common symptoms that most stroke patients field. This numbness is generally felt on one side of your body.

Trouble In Speaking

Another common symptoms of a stroke in both men and women is when you have suddenly a problem in communicating with someone. If you all of a sudden start fumbling or get confused as to what to speak or understand your own speech it is Oh common symptoms of stroke. Do not waste time if you feel that you are having trouble in speaking. Immediately seek help or visit your nearest hospital.

Sudden Problem In Vision

Another common symptoms of a stroke is when you suddenly feel problems in your own vision. This could be a problem in one eye or either both eyes.

Difficulty In Walking

Watch out for your body language if you suddenly feel unconscious or dizzy. This is so because loss of balance or problem in coordinating your body weight or sudden feeling of dizziness are some common symptoms of stroke.

Severe Headache

While headache is a common problem that is faced by most of us, what do you need to know is that the kind of severity of headache that you are going through. If you suddenly feel a severe headache for no known reason, It could be a sign of stroke.

You need to know at all times the nearest hospitals in Dubai from your residence. This is important because it may save time and life during an emergency like this. You can check out some of the finest hospitals in Dubai for stroke treatment on Fidoc.

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