Skin Care Routine

To find a skin care routine that works wonders for you is quite difficult. Having so many products available in the market and all the skin care advice, it is difficult to decide where to be focused. But underlining the major skin care philosophies and theories, a skin care routine consists of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. Following this technique can surely improve your complexion considerably. These few changes in the daily skin care routine can take towards a clear and a healthy complexion.

Firstly, know your skin type. Because knowing your skin type helps you to know how to take care of it in a better way.

  • Dry skin is flaky, scaly or rough.
  • Oily skin tends to be shiny, greasy and may also have big pores.
  • A combination of dry and oily.
  • Sensitive skin is a type which may sting, burn or itch after using certain skin care products.

Step 1:


Never just use any soap that is kept in the shower or at the sink to wash your face. Nor do you need an expensive and fancy product. After you know your skin type, know what works for you the best. Use a gentle face cleanser or soap and wash. Make sure that you don’t scrub your face. Rinse with plenty of warm water and then pat it dry.

Skin cleansing helps to remove the sweat, oil, dirt and other harmful pollutants.

Step 2:


Exfoliation is the key to a radiant and glowing skin. After cleansing, use an exfoliation lotion to remove the dead skin cells. Most dermatologists advice to exfoliate one to three times in a week, depending on your skin type.

Exfoliating removes these dead skin cells that has accumulated in the pores. And this step is a must if you have blackheads, acne or breakouts.

Step 3:


Moisturizing is must to take good care of your skin. It acts as an extra protective layer to the skin that locks in moisture and keeps the skin hydrated. Keep in mind to choose a moisturizer according to your skin type- be it cream, gel, oil or lotion. Gently rub it on to the skin in an upward motion.

Moisturizing the skin gives your skin a smooth, luminous appearance.

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