Signs & Symptoms Of Liver Cancer

The worst part about liver cancer is that unlike many other types of cancers, the symptoms of liver cancer are not seen in its early stages. Many a times the tumors in liver are detected at a later stage. For this reason doctors in Dubai always recommend people with a family history of diseases or illness to consult and take necessary steps in order to reduce the risk of liver cancer. Although there are a few symptoms you need to look out for.

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Sudden Loss Of Weight

One of the most common symptoms of liver cancer to look out for is a sudden or unexplained loss of weight. While loss of weight may not necessarily be due to liver cancer as it can also occur as a result of a side effect due to certain medications, it is always better to get tested with your family doctor in order to avoid the risk of being diagnosed from liver cancer.

Swollen Or Enlarged Liver

Another common symptom of liver cancer is a swollen liver. If you suddenly start noticing swelling in your abdominal area make sure that you immediately visit a doctor to get tested. Enlarged liver is a common symptom of being diagnosed from liver cancer and generally occurs due to excessive consumption of alcohol or unhealthy eating habits.

Tiredness Or Fatigue

If you suddenly have been falling sick a lot or feel tired without even carrying out your everyday activities, do not neglect the signs. We recommend you to get tested for a screening of liver cancer in order to identify the true cause behind the fatigue.

Vomiting And Nausea

A sudden sensation of vomit or nausea should never be ignored as it could be a sign of liver cancer. Tumors in your liver often cause you to vomit or feel nauseated after every meal. So if you have been noticing any of these signs it could be a symptom of liver cancer and it is better to get it tested at an early stage for the best diagnosis.

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal swelling and pain is also associated with the symptoms of liver cancer. A sudden pain in the abdomen especially towards the right side or near the right shoulder could be a symptom of liver cancer. This kind of pain may not be a long-term pain and the severity can vary from time to time.


Jaundice is a common ailment which generally occurs when your liver is not functioning properly. The symptoms of jaundice are yellowing of skin and eyes and high fever. This is another common sign and symptom of liver cancer and hence needs to be diagnosed immediately.

The symptoms and signs of liver cancer are quite similar to various other diseases however in case of liver cancer the symptoms tend to evolve & worsen if not diagnosed at the right time. For this reason we highly recommend you to visit doctors from the best hospitals in Dubai in order to treat liver cancer at the right stage.

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