Signs You Have Kidney Disease

Many people not just in Dubai but around the world are today living with a kidney disease & are unaware about it. While there are number of physical signs that can help one detect if they suffer from this chronic ailment, most people tend to neglect it and usually identify the problem at a later stage like a kidney failure. Excessive amount of protein in urine can also be a sign of kidney failure.

While the best and most accurate way to know if you have a kidney failure is by getting tested, one can also pay close heed to certain signs that can help in identifying the problem. Although if you belong to the age group of 55 and above and notice any of these symptoms, make sure that you get tested soon for this disease. With the help of some of the best doctors in Dubai practicing in the hospitals in Dubai, we have noted down some signs and symptoms that can tell you if you are suffering from a kidney disease.

When You Feel Tired Or Loss Of Energy Or Have Trouble In Concentrating

When you are suffering from a chronic kidney disease, it can cause creation of toxins in the body and impurities in the blood. This may make you feel tired and exhausted and feel weak. It can also make it hard to concentrate. One can also suffer from problems like anemia and feel weak and tired. It may also cause problems like difficulty in sleeping.

Lack Of Sleep

When kidneys aren’t functioning the way they should, toxic materials tend to stay in the blood for a longer time than leaving the blood or passing through the urine. This can make getting a sound sleep extremely difficult.

Itchy Skin Or Dry Skin

Healthy kidneys can ensure that you have a healthy life and healthy body and it can affect your overall health. However, when the functioning of your kidneys is affected, it can multiple problems. Kidney failure is a sign of mineral and bone disease. This disease can have impact on your skin and make it look dry or pale.

You Urinate More Often

Urinating more than often is a very clear sign of kidney failure. If you are urinating more than often, particularly during the night it is a clear sign of kidney failure. This is because filters in the kidney tend to get damaged easily, thus causing you to urinate more than often. It can also cause urine infection in most cases.

Noticing Blood In The Urine

If you have a healthy kidney, it will help in restoring the blood cells in your body and eliminate the other unwanted toxins. Although this is not the case when you have a weak kidney. When you tend to have a weak kidney, it can start to leak out the blood cells causing the passing of blood in the urine.

To know more about signs & symptoms of kidney disease you can also visit the hospitals in Dubai.

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