Reasons Why You Should Thank The Nurses

We recently celebrated international nurses’ day. A day celebrated in order to recognize the contribution that nurses make towards the society and also towards the healthcare industry. The day is celebrated in order to honor and appreciate the integrated care that they put in for every patient and their speedy recovery.

As patients, all of us have a lot to owe to these nurses. The care they show towards us, their undivided attention towards the patient when in need, or the ability to perform under critical or serious circumstances is all commendable.

Today we have listed down some of the most important reasons why we all need to be thankful to the nurses across the globe.

They Ensure That You Have Taken All Your Vaccinations On Time

One of the most important thing to look after a patient when he or she is admitted in a hospital is to ensure that the patient receives all the medical care on time and without any delay. It is the nurses’ job to look after a patient 24 hours a day and ensure that all the necessary shots or vaccinations are taken on time so that the patient can have a speedy and healthy recovery. It is very important and crucial task that is always looked after well by the nurses.

They Shall Calm You In Every Situation

Another most important duty of a nurse is to ensure that the patient remains calm and composed especially during any surgery or any other complications. While you may have your family members by your side on ours will also ensure that the patient does not get too scared when admitted in the hospital. They look after you and nurture you in the best possible way that makes you feel comfort table.

They Handle Emergencies With Ease

Nurses are always calm and composed every time they have to deal with an emergency. The most important job of a nurse is to ensure to remain calm in emergencies and perform their duties well so that the patient’s life can be saved. They always have a composed personality no matter what the situation is so that their patient does not deteriorate his or her health.

They Make Sure You Follow A Healthy Diet

Nobody loves to eat hospital food and most of us when admitted in a hospital often tend to leave a meal incomplete. However a nurse will always make sure that the patient receives the best possible care when it comes to food. She will make sure that you get all your daily nutrients properly through the diet. Not only this, she will also sometimes try to compensate by offering you a favorite dish of your choice.

Make sure if you next time happen to visit any hospitals in Dubai or clinics in Dubai, you thank the nurses!

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