Protecting Yourself From Falling Sick At The Workplace

As the saying goes health is wealth, it is extremely important for every individual to look after their health in order to ensure that they not only stay fit but also so that they can perform to their fullest potential at the workplace. Taking good care of our health is always a priority however many a times we tend to fall sick owing to the atmosphere around us without no fault of our own. As per recent studies conducted it has been proven that many people tend to fall sick due to unpleasant atmosphere in the workplace. Most employees who are sick do not opt for leaves with the fear of losing weight in your mind. Some people also do not have any sick leaves it to avail and hence have no choice but to be present at the workplace. As per a research study conducted it was shown that bacteria or virus Tend to be active on the surfaces like keyboards or desks for almost 2 hours. This means that no matter how much precautions you take there is a chance that you may fall sick at your workplace. In order to protect yourself from these bacteria or Viruses we have listed down some of the crucial tips as recommended by the doctors in Dubai that can help you stay protected. Read below to know more

Cover Your Nose And Mouth When Sneezing

Make sure that you always follow this tip. Remember to cover your nose with a tissue or a handkerchief Every time you sneeze or cough. If you are using a tissue make sure to dispose it off in the dustbin so that others do not come in contact with the germs settled on the tissue. Never sneeze on your hands and if you do so make sure that you immediately sanitize them.

Wash Your Hands Often

This is something that we often tend to neglect. Little do we know that this neglecting habit is the root cause of most of our sickness? Always keep in mind to wash your hands often like when you sneeze or cough, before eating your lunch, after visiting the restroom. Make sure that you wash your hands with a good sanitizing soap and clean water. If you do not have a good show in your workplace make sure that you always keep a sanitizer handy with you.

Get Vaccinated

While we all hate getting a shot you need to know that a yearly flu vaccination is probably one of the best ways to keep you immune and reduce the chances of getting a flu.

Avoid Personal Contacts With Those Who Are Sick

If you find someone or your co-worker who is ill try to avoid physical contact as much as you can. Also if you think you are sick try avoiding going to the workplace. This is because it will not only affect others around you but also worsen your health.

Clean The Surfaces Of Your Work Place

This is another important health tips recommended by the doctors in Dubai. Make sure that every morning before you start your work you clean your Table and your keyboard with a good alcohol-based sanitizer to disinfect them from any bacteria or virus.

These were some tips recommended by the expert doctors in Dubai. Four more visit clinics in Dubai.

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