How Physiotherapy Can Protect You In Harsh Winters

Winter is the season when you celebrate holidays and some fun moments with your family generally indoors. In fact it provides us the much-needed respite from the scorching heat especially after the October and November heat. However there are certain drawbacks attached to it also. You would be surprised to know that many people suffer from various health disorders during the winter season. Some of these are COPD, asthma, and even arthritis. Besides this flu and cold is also a common ailment that most people suffer from during this season.

This is generally a problem because winter is the time when we avoid to go outdoors and indulge in any kind of physical activities. However staying away from any kind of physical activities also has its own drawbacks and in order to ensure that we stay fit during the winter season there are certain preventive measures that you need to take. Physiotherapy is one way which is proved to be crucial in helping any individual deal with disorders or healthy ailments especially during the winter season.

We have listed down some ways in which a physiotherapy can help us stay fit during the winter season. Read below to know more about it:


COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is generally an ailment suffered by people belonging to an elder age group. This affects your lung capacity. One of the most common causes why this occurs is due to excessive amount of smoking and patients who suffer from asthma. It is considered as a progressive disease that can worsen over a particular period of time. While there is no permanent cure for this long disorder winter can be a season when its symptoms begin to worsen. This is when physiotherapy can help you. Following a particular physiotherapy exercises can improve your breathing procedure and help you stay active and fit at the same time. It will also help in better movement of the body particularly the chest area. Also breathing exercises or thoracic mobility exercises are few forms of physiotherapy that you can perform to avoid this ailment.


While you may feel that COPD and asthma may have certain similarities you must understand that these both ailments affect different parts of your body. While COPD my directly affect your lungs asthma on the other hand affects the airways which pass the air from the lungs. While it is true that asthma can be untreatable it can be managed by adopting a healthy lifestyle particularly in the month of winters. For this there are certain physiotherapy exercises specially designed to improve your respiratory capacity. You can consult some doctors in Dubai and ask them about some of the breathing exercises and physiotherapy that can help in improving your health condition.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

This condition generally involves swelling of joints and causes excessive amount of pain. Usually winter is a difficult season for patients who suffer from this condition due to the cold weather which causes pain in the muscles. Besides this it also has certain other negative effects such as proper blood circulation in the affected areas in your body. This condition causes a lot of pain and discomfort if left untreated and can also lead to physical disabilities. If you suffer from a condition like this we recommend that you immediately consult your physiotherapist. Your physiotherapist will recommend you certain exercises that can help in coping with this problem in a better way. You can also opt for a massage therapy and practice certain exercises prescribed by a doctor from the hospitals in Dubai depending upon your condition.

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