Osteoporosis – Things To Know

Osteoporosis is a type of condition which is caused due to decrease in the density of your bone. It affects your overall bone quality and weakens them. This can also lead to broken or fragile bones. For patients who suffer from this ailment generally are more prone to suffer from fractures or breaks in the bones.

Generally a healthy bone should be composed of elements like proteins, calcium and also collagen. Each of these properties are extremely important in order to keep your bones healthy and to give them the required strength. However those bones which are affected by a condition like osteoporosis can easily break and cause minor injury. These can be fractures in form of cracking or through collapsing.

Generally areas in your body which are most affected due to osteoporosis are hips and your ribs area. In many cases patient also support from fractures in their wrists.

We have listed down some of the common reasons or factors that can increase your risk of suffering from a problem such as osteoporosis.

  1. Females are more prone to suffer from this ailment
  2. People belonging to the Asian race are also more exposed to this disease
  3. Those who have a very small body frame are also more prone to suffer from osteoporosis
  4. If you have a family history of people suffering from this disease, your risk of getting diagnosed with osteoporosis also increases
  5. Smoking excessive amount of cigarettes can cause osteoporosis
  6. Consumption of alcohol to a great extent can also cause osteoporosis
  7. If you work out very less or have no form of physical activity, chances are that you can suffer from at ailment like this
  8. Those individuals who have lack of calcium or calcium deficiency can suffer from osteoporosis as calcium plays a very important role in keeping your bones healthy
  9. Similarly people who have poor nutrition or poor health can also suffer from this disease

We would like to tell you all that osteoporosis can at times be present without any symptoms in the body. This is so because it is quite difficult to identify the symptoms of osteoporosis and listen until you suffer from a problem like fracture. Also many a time osteoporotic fractures are not detectable because they do not have any symptoms. For this reason patients generally do not identify if they suffer from a problem such as osteoporosis that causes excessive amount of painful fractures.

Consequences Of Osteoporosis

We would like to tell you that fractures caused due to this ailment can cause a lot of pain and also decrease your quality of life. It also makes us feel lazy and can also lead to disabilities. For people who belong to an elderly age group can also suffer from ailments such as pneumonia or clotting of blood particularly in the leg. It can at times also affect your lungs and can increase your chances of death. For this reason it is important to consult some of the best doctors in Dubai in order to receive the best treatment for this ailment. You can also visit some of the best physicians from the hospitals in Dubai.

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