Nutrition Tips For Athletes

No matter how professional you are as an athlete or which sport you excellent, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is to stay healthy at all times. This is so because your body and its immunity depends upon the kind of nutrition that you consume on a daily basis. Also if you have been noticing symptoms such as feeling tired or exhausted too often, it could be a sign that you are probably not eating a nutritious diet.

For this reason one of the best ways to resolve the issue is by consuming a nutritious diet and staying hydrated at all times. This is probably the best way how you can improve your immune system.

This is one of the most overlooked aspect but needs to be given a lot of attention.

We spoke to some of the best dieticians and doctors in Dubai and ask them about how athletes can improve the nutritious levels. Read below to know more about it:

Eat A Healthy Breakfast

If someone tells you that skipping breakfast is wrong thing to do, we really want you to listen to them. You must understand that your body needs to be charged and ready for your day especially when you are training or participating in any kind of competition. For this reason your breakfast should be the largest meal of your day that you consume.

Also make sure that you balance the amount of carbohydrates and proteins in your breakfast and make sure that you drink at least 12 to 15 ounces of water.

Include Essential Carbohydrates In Your Diet

Let us tell you that carbs and carbohydrates are a critical part of an athlete‘s performance and for this reason you need to fuel up your body with these. If you are an athlete we would never recommend you to follow a low-carb diet because it may hamper your overall health and fitness level. Food such as pasta, bread, vegetables and rice should be at least 60 percent of your diet plan. This is so because these foods are efficient energy sources which can help in maintaining the glycogen level in your body thereby improving your performance.

Consume Enough Protein

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is to consume a lot of protein. Doctors in Dubai recommend to consume at least 15% of protein every day in your diet. You can consume protein in various forms such as chicken, eggs, yoghurt, cheese and even lean red meat. Protein helps in improving your muscle strength and muscle growth.

Stay Hydrated

While eating the right kind of diet is very important for an athlete, you also need to maintain your fluid consumption in order to enhance your performance and to avoid any kind of injuries. Heat illness is also common problem faced by most athletes in Dubai due to lack of proper hydration. Let us tell you that doctors from the hospitals in Dubai suggest that even 2% of dehydration can have a very negative impact on your overall performance during any competition.

You should consume at least 16 ounces of water at least two hours before participating in any competition. Also make sure that you limit your caffeine intake as it can also affect your overall hydration. You can also include carbohydrates in your diet if you are participating in events that usually last for longer hours.

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