Negative Effects Of Being Underweight

Everyone speaks a lot about the negative effects of being overweight. However we often pay little attention to an issue called as being underweight. Let us tell you that being underweight is also a very serious health concern & needs to be treated. You must know that being underweight also includes certain health risks. These health risks can hamper your overall productivity and can have very negative effects on your health. We have today listed down some of the negative effects of being underweight. See below to know more about these negative effects.


You need to understand that when you become underweight, a common reason could be because you’re not eating a lot of healthy food and that too consuming meals at the right time. This is a major cause of malnutrition in many people. Malnutrition can affect your health in a very negative manner and has symptoms which can affect your head such as:

  1. Feeling tired
  2. Falling sick more often
  3. Irregular periods in females
  4. Hair fall or dry skin
  5. Teeth issues

So if you are underweight it could be because you are malnourished and because your BMI is due to an unbalanced diet and is low. It can also cause other problems such as anemia and vitamin deficiency.

Weak Immune System

Doctors in Dubai suggest that those people who fall sick suffer from infections because they are underweight. Malnourishment can many a times lead to a faulty immune system and cause people to become more underweight.

Surgical Complications

It is also been suggested that those individuals who are underweight suffer more from problems such as catching an infection after any surgery. This is so because those individuals who are underweight do not heal at a normal pace as compare to other people who have a normal BMI. Also individuals who are underweight have low percentage of hemoglobin in their body which can cause surgical complications.


This especially is a common concern faced by women who have lower body mass index. They suffer from problems such as irregular or missed periods or lack of orientation. This can cause in fertility. So if you are someone who is planning to conceive although are underweight, we recommend that you talk to the doctors from the hospitals in Dubai. The doctors in Dubai will ask you to undergo a blood test in order to identify if you are ovulating on a timely basis. They may also ask you to undergo a few other test to check for infertility and we recommend you medicines in order to improve your health. It is important to reach a healthy weight before you become pregnant so as to avoid complications for you and your child.

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