What you need to know about Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is the type of mental disorder that causes your brain cells to degenerate. It is a Type of mental illness that affects an individual thinking capacity and also social skills. It is the type of disease that over a period of time fix an individual capability to function on his own. Some of the early signs or symptoms of an Alzheimer’s patient can be noticed through his behavior when he forgets about the recent offerings in his surroundings or the recent conversations he has had. The later stages of Alzheimer’s Further deteriorate an individual’s health and affect the ability to carry out everyday tasks. Till date there is no complete cure or treatment available For Alzheimer’s. However there are various medications that can temporarily to some extent slow down the Effects of this disease. There are also various programs that can be helpful to support those suffering from this mental illness. Some of the complications patient suffering from this ailment face at a later stage our dehydration or infection and also malnutrition.

We bring to you some of the common symptoms of Alzheimer’s as stated by the doctors in Dubai.

One of the most common symptoms of Alzheimer’s is memory loss. While every individual in his or her life at some point of time faces memory lapses such as forgetting where you kept your keys or the name of an acquaintance, memory loss that is associated with the Alzheimer’s disease is far worse and keeps on deteriorating further. It affects your memory in a way that also affects your ability to function or carry out daily tasks at home. Those suffering from this disease tend to often repeat your conversations or statements. In some cases he or she may also forget where he lives or who his or her relatives are. Constant misplacement of belongings and other positions are also some symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Besides affecting your memory, Alzheimer also is responsible for causing difficulty in thinking and concentrating. Some patients may find it a challenge to manage their cheque-books or bank details.

It also affects your ability to take certain decisions in life or to make any kind of judgments. Certain daily household chores such as cooking, cleaning the house may also become a difficulty with time.

While there is no complete cure Available for treating Alzheimer’s you need to know that there are still treatments available that can slow down the process or the different stages of this disease. Playing mental games and indulging yourself every day in activities that keep your mind active can also be helpful. You can visit some of the best hospitals in Dubai where doctors can Guide you better. If you are someone who is the caretaker of a person suffering from this disease you need to know that the best way to deal with the patient suffering from Alzheimer’s Is by constantly showing affection towards your loved one.


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