Menopause treatment in Dubai

Menopause is a common condition experienced by most women in their middle age. It is a cycle that a woman goes through before or after she stops menstruating. While this is completely normal, it is important for ladies to take proper care of themselves. Adequate sleep, rest and a proper diet is all required during this phase. It is extremely important to look after one’s health during this phase. In certain cases, there can be complications like depression, excessive bleeding, fatigue that can deteriorate a woman’s health. For this is very reason, it is very important to visit a good gynaecologist who can offer a very good treatment for menopause.

We at Fidoc, have listed down some of the best menopause treatment in Dubai. Read below to know about the finest clinics and hospitals in Dubai to know more:

Al Raas Pvt Clinic

Al Raas Pvt Clinic is located at the Karama area of Dubai. The clinic has the best team of gynaecologists on board with them who address even the complex cases of menopause. The consultation charges at this clinic start only at AED 100 and thus is considered as an affordable clinic for any treatments. Besides the menopause treatment, this clinic in Dubai also addresses various other female health related issues like pregnancy care, hormonal imbalance etc.

Medeor Downtown Medical Centre

Located in the downtown area of Dubai, Medeor Downtown Medical Centre is another medical centre in Dubai that offers excellent treatment and care for health issues like menopause. The consultation fees at this medical centre start at AED 500. A wide range of health issues that occur due to menopause are very well addressed by the doctors in Dubai at this centre. One can completely rely upon the medications and treatments given. This is by far one of the best medical centres for health issues like menopause. Other problems like hormonal change, urinal injection in females, reproductive system problems etc. can also be treated at this medical centre.

Aster Clinic – Al Khail

The consultation fee at this medical clinic for gynaecology treatment is very affordable and starts only at AED 105. This is one of the best clinics in Dubai that offers finest medical care and support to its patients. You can visit the medical centre for excellent consultation and gynaecology care. Aster Clinic – Al Khail besides being an affordable medical centre is highly equipped and has the best and finest equipment available with them that ensure you can receive top notch service and quality. For women suffering from problems like menopause, this clinic is surely the best.

These were our top picks for the best menopause treatment in Dubai. While in some cases natural menopause does not cause much harm to the body, surgical procedures are required in complex cases. Hospitals in Dubai are well-trained and equipped to handle these complex cases. You can easily search for more gynaecology clinics and hospitals in Dubai on Fidoc.

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