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Asthma is a kind of chronic ailment that affects the airways and the tubes in our body which are responsible to carry aid to our lungs. This ailment can cause inflammation which may further lead to new limitation. The airways in our lungs are generally surrounded by our muscles which help in providing enough oxygen to the lungs. However these muscles are very sensitive and those suffering from asthma often suffer from problems such as muscle tightness.

This can lead to problems such as difficulty in breathing or in worst cases it can also cause problems such as an asthma attack.

However you need to understand that the symptoms of asthma are quite different for every individual. This means that the symptoms can vary. However some of the most common symptoms of asthma as suggested by the doctors in Dubai are:

Regular Or Constant Coughing

This is a symptom to look out for. This generally happens during the night time or early in the morning. Coughing is one of the major causes of asthma, particularly in small children.

Difficulty In Breathing

This is another common symptom of asthma and occurs when you have difficulty in breathing. During this time you may notice a whistling sound that comes out from your airways.

Shortness Of Breath

If you have been witnessing these symptoms for quite some time, we recommend that you immediately consult your doctor or physician. Shortness of breathing is a common symptom of asthma. It can also lead to difficulty in consuming your meals or sleeping or while speaking.

While these were some of the common symptoms of asthma, it can be caused due to a varied range of reasons. While nobody can guarantee the true cause of asthma, doctors in Dubai have determined some of the common risk factors which can cause it.

Family History

Kids whose parents particularly mothers have asthma are more likely to suffer from the problem. This is so because there are many genetics that are said to have been linked to us, which can cause this disorder. Besides this, genetic differences can also cause asthma.


People are said to have asthma if they have certain kinds of allergies which can particularly affect the eyes or the nose. While it is true that not everybody who suffers from allergies may suffer from asthma, the probability is always higher. If you know someone suffering from respiratory allergies asked them to consult a doctor immediately in order to look out for any symptoms of asthma.

Premature Childbirth

Another common cause of asthma in children it’s due to premature birth. Doctors from the hospitals in Dubai suggest that children who are born generally before 37 weeks always are at a higher risk of suffering from asthma in the later stage of life.

Infections In The Lungs

This is another common cause of asthma particularly in small babies or children. Children are more prone to develop asthma in the later stage if they suffer from problems such as lung infection during their birth or initial few years.


Hormonal imbalance can cause a lot of ailments a particularly in women. One such element can also be asthma. It is suggested that women are more likely to have a risk of being diagnosed with asthma after menopause.


Managing weight is extremely important to lead a healthy lifestyle. You would not know but the extra weight that you carry around especially in the chest area can affect your lungs and squeeze them. This causes difficulty in breathing and may lead to asthma.

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