Immunity Boosting Foods For Winter

Winter season is surely enjoyable and gives us a break from the scorching heat. But what is troubling about this season is the sickness and flu that comes along with this season. It is the time of the year when ailments like strep throat, cold, cough and fever are most common. To make sure that you do not catch a cold during this time of the year, it is extremely important to maintain your immunity levels. And this can be done only when you follow a good & a healthy diet. It is important to consume certain immunity boosting foods that will help in ensuring that you do not fall sick. Below mentioned are some of the immunity boosting foods for winter as recommended by the top doctors in Dubai:


Chickpeas is amongst one of the best foods to consume for the winter. It is great source of zinc and helps in improving one’s immunity levels. Zinc deficiency is often linked to decreased immunity levels. When you have low immunity you are more prone to fall sick, particularly during the winter time. Some of the other foods that are rich in zinc include chicken and also red meat. Foe those wondering about some ways to use chickpeas in their diet, here are some examples. You can use them in salads or also make stewed chickpeas with some garlic toasted bread.


Sometimes absorbing zinc can be quite difficult for your body to deal with. To help your body absorb zinc in a much better way you can consume garlic. It is an extremely powerful antioxidant that can help in reducing risks to various ailments during the winter season. Flu, fever and severe cold are some common ailments most people suffer from and these can be reduced with consumption of garlic in everyday diet.

Cold-Water Fish

As per some research conducted in the hospitals in Dubai, it has been suggested that omega-3 fatty acids can actually help in health issues like inflammation. Other ailments or risks like heart disease can also be substantially reduced with the consumption of cold-water fish that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Fishes like tuna, salmon etc. are cold-water fish that you can consume. If you are a vegetarian some alternatives could be chia seeds and walnuts too.


Another great food to consume during the winter season are mushrooms. They are one of the very few natural foods that comprise of vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a major role in improving your body’s over immune system. It is also extremely helpful in avoiding or keeping at bay various infectious diseases. When purchasing mushrooms make it a point to check the label and see if the mushrooms you buy are rich in vitamin D.

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