Identifying A Kidney Stone

Kidney stones are hard stones all deposits that are made out of salts and minerals. The stones are created inside your kidney. The causes of kidney stones are many and can also affect an individual’s urinary tract. The pain one suffers from when diagnosed with a kidney stone is quite extreme and painful. Not only is this passing of a kidney stone also quite painful and troublesome. However kidney stone may not cause a permanent or severe damage to your kidney if it is diagnosed at an early stage and treated accordingly. The treatment or medication one requires to take when suffering from kidney stone may vary from person to person. In many cases you may not require anything more than painkillers. Doctors in Dubai also recommend those suffering from kidney stone problem to drink lots of water throughout the day to pass the stone easily. While all of this is important many a time’s patients are unable to identify if they suffer from a kidney stone problem. We have listed down some of the common signs and symptoms that prove if you have a kidney stone problem. Read below to know more:

When You Suffer From Extreme Pain In The Back Or Your Stomach

Not many know but kidney stone pain which is also called as renal colic is one of the most severe kind of pain that patients undergo. Generally the pain starts when the stone starts moving near the uterus area. When the stone moves it causes blockages that leads to pressure in the kidney and severe pain. Many a time’s kidney stone pain starts suddenly and the intensity of the pain is usually filled at the back or near your ribs. If you have been suffering from pain like this, it is recommended that you make a visit to one of the hospitals in Dubai

. Also note that large stones are more painful than smaller kidney stones.

Burning Sensation During Urination

When the kidney stone reaches near the bladder and individual may start to feel pain while urinating. This pain can also be in form of a burning sensation. Burning sensation can also be a sign and symptoms of urinary tract infection however we recommend that you visit a doctor to identify the problem.

Frequent And Urgent Visit To The Bathroom

Many people tend to ignore this symptom. Wanting to visit the bathroom quite Often and that too on an urgent basis is a sign of kidney stones. This symptoms generally occurs when the kidney stone has moved towards the lower part of your urinary tract.

Blood In The Urine

Spotting blood when urinating is one of the most common symptoms of kidney stone the color of the blood can be either pink or red in color and at times can be difficult to identify on your own.

These were some common symptoms of kidney stone and to diagnose it at the right time visit the best clinics in Dubai.

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