How To Gain Weight

For some individuals, gaining weight is just as difficult as it is to lose weight. There are multiple reasons why you are unable to gain weight. These can be due to your metabolism, irregular eating habits or eating unhealthy, hereditary issues and so on. If you feel any of these issues are a reason for you to not gain weight, we suggest you visit any clinics in Dubai or doctors in Dubai who would offer you the best suitable treatment for gaining weight healthily and easily. Besides consulting a doctor, there are other ways that you need to follow. These tips are recommended by the best doctors in Dubai and are very effective at the same time. Let’s take a look at them:

Drinking homemade protein smoothies

Homemade smoothies are very nutritious and at the same time tasty. These are perfect if you want to gain weight quickly. You can try to combine different ingredients like chocolate, banana, hazel nut, vanilla with milk or almond milk. The benefit of homemade smoothies is that you can prepare your own variant as per your taste. Include these smoothies as a staple in your morning breakfast or post workout for best results.

Eating more rice

It is a low-cost carb that is recommended by most dietitians and doctors if you wish to gain weight. A single serving of rice lets you obtain a high amount of carbs and calories. This even lets you eat more, in case you have a low appetite. You can also combine a dish of rice with some protein or healthy fats for best results.

Eat more nuts

They’re a perfect food choice if you wish to gain weight quickly. Besides they are high in proteins and even a handful of almonds will increase your protein intake. Two handfuls of nuts per day as a snack are enough to help you gain weight healthily. You can also consume it in forms of nut butter or mix them in your milk or milkshake.


They are starchy food and best suited for someone who wants to increase their calorie intake. They also increase your muscle glycogen stores. They are also quite cost-effective and hence recommended for anyone who wants to gain weight.

Protein supplements

Taking protein supplements is the most common practice especially for bodybuilders and sports persons who want to gain weight. Whey protein supplements are also a popular way to gain weight as they are cost-effective and recommended by top dietitians. However, we highly advise you to consult your dietitian for the appropriate supplement to suit your body type. Protein supplements also help in achieving your daily protein requirements. The best time to consume them is before or after a workout session.

Thus, if you wish to gain weight it is important to maintain a healthy and high calorie diet. Include healthy fats and oils in your diet. Avoid processed foods and oils and stick to healthy oils like avocado oil, coconut oil and olive oil.

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