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Headaches or migraines are today one of the most common health problem faced by the people living in Dubai. While the reasons can be many one of the common reasons why people are suffering from this ailment is due to lifestyle changes. While there are some excellent doctors in Dubai who can offer you good remedies for treating migraine or headache, sometimes it is also better to rely upon certain home remedies. Home remedies and also a good option to cure headaches and migraine. This is so because you cannot always rely upon antibiotics and other medicines. Continuously taking too many medicines for your overall health and for this reason it is important To Also try certain home remedies. Below listed are some of the most effective home remedies that you can try when suffering from headache or migraine:

Use A Cold Pack

If you have been suffering from a problem like migraine quite often, medicines may not always proved to be effective. During A time like this, use a cold pack and place it on your forehead. You can also use some ice cubes in a top and keep it on your head for about 20 minutes. After this take a break for another 20 minutes and repeat the procedure. Within sometime you may realize its healing benefits.

Ease The Pressure On Your Head

In case if you have a ponytail that is extremely tied it could be a reason for headache. Not just this external type of headaches can be caused due to other reasons such as wearing a tight hat, or a tight hairband. In certain cases even swimming goggles that have a time can cause a headache. Try to loosen these I notice if your headache disappears.

Dim Lights In Your Room

This is another extremely effective home remedy that you need to try if you constantly suffer from headaches. In some cases bright light could be a reason for headache. In case if you are a person who is prone to such headaches it is best to cover your windows with some curtains during the daytime. We also recommend that you wear sunglasses every time you step out of the house during daytime. If you tend to sit In front of the laptop for long hours we recommend that you use an antiglare screen that can help you.

Have Some Caffeine

Some people sitting up on a hot cup of tea or coffee can do the trick. Many Doctors from the hospitals in Dubai suggested that sipping a hot cup of tea or coffee can actually help in easing the pain. However make sure that you do not consume a lot of caffeine as it can cause other health problems.

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