Health Problems Faced By Elderly In Dubai

As an individual starts to age, there are certain health issues that come daunting towards her or him. In this article we have noted down some of the common diseases suffered by elderly living in Dubai. We spoke to some of the best doctors in Dubai and understood their opinion about the most common cases of health issues registered in the different hospitals in Dubai. Read below to understand more about the challenges faced by elderly people living in Dubai and a certain preventive measures that can help in taking them better care of themselves.

Chronic Health Conditions

As per the doctors in Dubai, many senior patients in Dubai have suffered from different chronic diseases. Some of these are heart diseases, stroke, diabetes or even cancer. In fact many deaths every year are recorded as a result of these conditions. For this reason it is recommended for people belonging to elder age group to meet their family doctor for an annual or quarterly health checkup. Maintaining a healthy diet and also following certain exercises can help in preventing these chronic diseases. Another common chronic problems suffered by the elderly people living in Dubai is obesity due lifestyle changes that result in weight gain.

Cognitive Health Conditions

Another common problem faced by many people is cognitive health issues which can affect an individual capacity to think or remember facts. One of such common health issue faced by the elderly living in Dubai is dementia. In fact dementia is a common ailment suffered by many elderly people worldwide. A common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s which affects a lot of elderly people on a yearly basis. Some other common chronic health conditions can be depression, hypertension and substance abuse.

While it is true that there is no complete cure available for dementia doctors have recommended certain medications in order to control the disease.

Mental Health

Mental health is the issue that is not only suffered by the young people residing in Dubai, but it also somewhere affects the elderly people. In fact there have been research conducted which has proven that mental health issues are more common in elderly people. A common disorder is depression that can occur due to multiple reasons. In order to control depression it is important that you manage your chronic health conditions which causes depression in many cases. Besides that promoting a healthy lifestyle and getting good support from family or friends can also help in treating this problem.

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