Harmful Effects Of Eating Junk Food

Eating outside food or junk food to be precise may be a pleasure for your taste buds for a while but these foods have a very bad impact on your health in the long run. The dark side of junk foods is not an unidentified fact. Quite a lot of dietitians and doctors have shown that fast foods and processed foods have led to an increase in childhood obesity, heart disease and diabetes and other chronic diseases. In recent times, many cities globally do not permit the selling of junk food near school and college premises. Not only does junk food affect your health, but it has an adverse effect on your brain and can drastically affect your mental health. Regular consumption of junk food can lead to a serious meltdown for you mentally.

Below mentioned are some adverse effects of junk foods that will make you quit eating it:

Increase risk of dementia

This has been one of the frightening findings related with the consumption of junk food. You may know that insulin is formed in the pancreas and helps in the passage of glucose to fuel the body. Insulin is also produced in the brain where it helps in carrying signals between nerve cells and forming memories. Many doctors in Dubai suggest that consuming a lot of fatty food and sweets can noticeably increase the insulin levels in our body. With higher levels of insulin, your brain may stop responding. This can limit our ability to think, recollect or create memories, and thus increase the risk to become prone to dementia.

Makes you lazy

Eating too much of oily food or fried food will make you feel sluggish. You may enjoy it at that moment but may not realize that your body has become less active. You may feel sluggish and sleepy most of the time and may not do the required amount of exercise needed for your body. Such a situation may lead to serious health problems.

It may lead to depression

Doctors in Dubai have found out that consumption of foods high in sugar and fat actually changes the chemical activity of the brain making it more reliant on on such foods. These symptoms can lead to the incapability to deal with stress, make you feel depressed and finally you would turn back to those foods to ease yourself and handle these feelings. Soon, you may be caught in a brutal cycle even before you know it. We recommend you to visit a psychiatrist in case if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

It may make you impatient and give uncontrollable cravings

Eating a sugary cupcake or doughnut may for the moment spike your blood sugar levels making you feel happy and content but as soon as they return to normal you may start feeling the need to eat more such foods. These cravings are irresistible to control and can lead to serious health problems.

In case you are facing such problems it is time to consult a dietitian for a healthy life. Book an appointment at the best clinics in Dubai here.

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