Why Early Orthodontist Treatment Is Important

As parents we understand that your child health and happiness is the most important factor that matters to you in your life. And this is probably the reason why parents spend a lot of time ensuring that their children inculcates healthy eating habits. While it is important to look after your child physical and mental health it is also extremely important that as a parent you need to be extra cautious when it comes to their oral health. And this can only be possible if you visit a dentist at a regular basis with your child in order to avoid future dental problems. As per some of the best doctors in Dubai it is suggested that dental health should begin within six months of the baby’s birth.

Besides ensuring that your child visit a dentist on a Regular basis, hospitals in Dubai also recommend that children need to meet an orthodontist from the age of 7 to 8 years for regular checkups. This is extremely important because from this age and orthodontist can easily understand the problems that your child is suffering from. It is important to detect these problems at an early stage where they can be corrected easily.

The age group of 7 to 8 years is probably the right time when your child needs to start visiting an orthodontist is because this is the age when your child has lost most of his or her baby teeth. This is the time in an orthodontist can easily identify if there are any tooth alignment problems or any other decaying problems that your child is suffering from. It is never suggested by the dentist in Dubai to wait until your child has received all permanent teeth. This is so because the teacher related problems are always easier to treat before a child jaws are developed.

How to determine the right time for the treatment:

Here are some important signs that you need to look out for at an early stage:

Early Loss Of Milk Teeth

As a parent you must be up to date with your Childs oral development stage. For instance, you must know that your child should receive his or her first teeth by the time they are three years old. After your child turns four years old a natural growth process shall be again that will allow growth of bigger permanent teeth.

Difficulty In Biting Food

If your little one ever complains to you that it hurts his Teeth every time he chews food, Make sure that you immediately see an orthodontist.

Crooked Teeth

You should make it a point to check your Childs teeth every few months. This is important to check for any Miss placed or crooked teeth that requires immediate care & treatment.

Grinding Of Teeth

Try to check your teeth when your little one sleeps during the night. If you notice symptoms of squeaking or grinding it is important to visit an Orthodontist for treatment. This is so because this habit can cause gum and bite problems. It is not a severe problem and can be corrected with the help of a mouth guard.

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