Dental Symptoms Not Ignore Worthy

Let’s not deny that we have gone through tooth ache, bleeding gums, cut lip and have taken a dental appointment at a clinic in Dubai. One may require immediate attention, when suffering from the most obvious symptoms and should not ignore. There are many minor symptoms, which we end up ignoring, but lead to major problem, if not given special attention.
Here we are listing some dental problems, which need to be reported to a dentist nearby, to avoid severe problems in the future. Let’s see some signs, which give us a hint, that we should call our dentist immediately.

Bleeding Gums

Let’s not get scared here, let’s contact our dentist. A slight drop of blood on your brush is the first sign of bleeding gums. This is one cause of concern and needs to be given attention to. This symptom is called Gingivitis and it leads to bleeding gums. With help of good oral hygiene, bleeding gums can be cured. Gingivitis can be taken care of with help of regular dental visits, proper and regular flossing and brushing.

Tooth Pain

Any unusual pain in your body, needs to be given attention. So also tooth pain. It is one of the most obvious reasons to visit your nearby dentist asap. Tooth pain, be it severe or minor, can happen due to sticking of food between your teeth or gums, root infection or due to gingivitis. Time to visit your dentist!

Bad Breath

Gingivitis can cause due to bad breath even after regular brushing or flossing. One’s jawbone and gums can get damaged if left ignored. Bad breath can happen due to cavities and various other infections. Ignoring this issue can further lead to diabetes, respiratory infection and many other problems linking to liver.

Tooth Sensitivity

It is vital to pay attention to tooth pain immediately after eating or drinking. Sensitivity can be just a minor symptom that can occur after eating acidic food or it can also happen due to gingivitis, decay or plaque. One must not hesitate to contact a dentist if one’s tooth begins to hurt.


Apart from bothering your partner in their sleep, and as harmless as it appears, snoring occurs due to various reasons. Sleeping on one’s back, not sleeping enough, a thick low soft palate of your mouth, excess alcohol consumption. Obstructive Sleep Apnea can occur due to snoring. Consulting a dentist, to avoid a major effect from this harmless cause of snoring, is a must.


One must talk to a dentist if soring in one’s month doesn’t heal for more than a week. Bacteria irritation, infection from various viruses, dental diseases or any dental disorder can be major results of dental sores. Why shy away from calling for help from doctors in Dubai?

Ear Ache

Temporomandibular joint disorder can cause due to popping of jaw, minor clicking of jaw. One can move the jaw side to side and back and forth with help of the hinge. If this function is disrupted, it is possible that you are suffering from TMJ. Who best than a dentist to examine your jaw and detect TMJ? Injections, surgery, biting adjustment, pain relievers can lead to TMJ, thus causing ear ache. Time to meet the dentist.

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