Dental Implant Clinics in Dubai

Dental implants is a kind of dental surgical process carried out by dentists in order to place replacement teeth on them.

Dental implants generally help in providing a stable support for your fake teeth. They are particularly helpful in ensuring that the dentures or bridges placed in your mouth won’t slip or shift. This is generally very helpful every time you eat or speak. Dental implants also help in offering a securing fit to the dentures or bridges in your mouth.

However to undergo a dental implant procedure it is extremely important for a patient to have healthy gums. Besides this a patient also needs to have adequate amount of bones that can help in supporting the implant procedure. Anyone who undergoes a dental implant procedure should always be committed to keeping these structures healthy and clean. For this reason it is extremely important that you regularly visit your dentist after a dental implant surgery. This is extremely important for a long-term success of dental implants. Besides this one also needs to take proper care of their oral hygiene so as to ensure that they do not suffer from any kind of infection. You would be surprised to know the dental implants is quite an expensive procedure as compared to some of the other to the replacement surgeries. For this reason many insurance providers also offer a specific amount of fee for the same.

Dental implant surgery is generally classified into two types they are as follows.

Endorsteal implants: This type of implant is generally focused on being implanted into your jawbone. When you undergo an endorsteal implant, you generally need to undergo a second surgery.

Subperiosteal Implant: This type of dental implant procedure generally comprises of a metal frame that is fixed into the job on below your gum tissue. When you start healing the frame becomes more fixed to the jawbone. After this your dentist will mount the artificial teeth to the posts.

Some of the best hospitals in Dubai and clinics in Dubai where you can avail a dental implant surgery are as follows:

Noa Dental Clinic

This clinic is one of the best clinics in Dubai if you want to opt for a dental implant surgery. They comprise of expert dentists who can help in providing you the finest dental care with a personal touch. Also the consultation fees every year start from AED 75 which is quite affordable for most people residing in Dubai.

Gulf Diagnostic Center Hospital

Located at Al Bateen, this hospital is also regarded as one of the finest hospitals in Dubai where you can avail the best dental implant treatment. The hospital also accept insurance and comprises of some of the best doctors in Dubai who can guide you right for any health-related issues.

Lotus Dental Clinic

Located at Al Nahda 2, Lotus Dental Clinic specializes in providing treatment for dental implants. This clinic comprises of the best technologies and equipment that ensure speedy recovery of every patient. The consultation charges here start from AED 100.

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