Dealing With Back Pain Due To A Desk Job

We all know how troubling back pain is. It is extremely painful ailment that most people in Dubai today suffer from. The majority of percentage of people in Dubai who suffer from back related problems are those who belong to the working class and those who usually go for a 9-to-5 job. While people might think that a desk job does not involve a lot of physical effort, little do we know that it can be a reason to severe back related problems. The recent working atmosphere globally has changed drastically. Today each employee has to deal with deadlines, abrasive co-workers and also under the pressure of salary or budget cuts. This Atmosphere is one of the major reasons that causes stress among them ploys and forces them to work for longer hours neglecting their health. Little do we know that sitting in one position for long hours is actually deteriorating our back health?

There are a wide number of factors that can cause and contribute to back pain when at work or in office.

They are as follows


When you put an extreme amount of force on your back by not moving for a long period of time it can cause back injury.


When you tend to move your back or carry out certain movements that are repeated even nature such as twisting or rotating there is a good chance that you can actually end up enjoying your entire back


This is probably one of the most common causes of back pain in office. When you have an inactive job or a job that does not involve a lot of physical activity it can contribute to back related problems. People who have a desk job usually tend to sit in a very poor posture without any back support. While it may not feel discomfort or uncomfortable in the beginning it can cause severe problems related to the back.

For those who suffer from back pain at work here are some steps that can help in avoiding back pain and improve your overall health as well. Read below to know more

Pay Attention To The Kind Of Poster You Are Sitting In

When sitting on a chair at work make sure that you pay proper attention to the kind of posture that you are sitting in. In order to promote your poster make sure that you choose your pick a chair at birth that can help in supporting your spinal cords. Also make sure that you adjust the height of your chair properly so that your feet can at the same time rest on the ground. Also make sure that if you keep any belongings such as cell phones in your back pocket remember to make it a point to remove them from your pocket when sitting in order to avoid putting extra pressure on your lower back.

Modify Your Everyday Tasks

You need to know that you have to modify some of your repeated tasks. Like for example if you have an habit of constantly talking on the phone when sitting on a chair make sure to keep the phone down on the table or use your head phone or keep the phone on speaker when communicating so that not a lot of pressure is put on your hands.

Go For A Walk In Between

While we understand it can be a difficult task to work for long hours under pressure you need to know that you have to take care of your personal health as well. And this is why you need to take small breaks in between and go for walks in order to improve your back it. You can also carry out some small or light exercises such as stating exercises during lunch or tea breaks.

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