Coping With Fear Of Labor & Birth

We understand that as a pregnant woman it is quite common for you to feel nervous about the labor pain and your child’s birth. However in certain cases women tend to Overthink a particular situation that can deteriorate their health and can affect not only yours but also the child’s health. It is important to get over these fears in order to ensure that you have a healthy delivery. We spoke to some of the finest gynecologists operating in the hospitals in Dubai and asked them about their opinion of the different labor fears that women go through and how to overcome these fears. If you are an expecting mother, this blog is a must read for you. Read below a detailed understanding about the different fears that a mother goes through and how you can easily cope with the spheres during your child’s birth.

Fear About The Pain

One of the most common concerns of women who are pregnant is about worrying if they will be able to bear the pain during Labor. We want to rest are sure all you ladies that pain during labor is bearable and that there are techniques that can help in easing them. For instance you can consult your gynecologist and asked them about the different breathing exercises and other techniques which can help in coping with the pain. You would be happy to know that there are certain relaxation techniques that can actually help you cope with the Pain in a better way.

Fear Of Undergoing C – Section

In the healthcare industry today there are new and developed techniques that ensure patient safety. Similarly C-section is nothing you have to worry about. In fact many women in today’s time prefer C-section over a normal delivery. You must understand that there is no such a big risk involved undergoing a C section. However if you still want to plan for a normal delivery you can consult your gynecologist for your surgeon about this desired. Your doctor will only recommend C-section if it is medically important for you and your baby. You need to plan always for a normal delivery but then at the same time you have to also mentally except that C-section can also we are safer option in case there are any complications involved.

Fear Of Losing Control

And if you have a personality when you have a habit of controlling situations, it is possible that during your child’s birth there could be many out of control situations. During this time you always have to remind yourself that there are doctors and nurses who are there to look after you and that anything you say or feel will not make them feel surprised.

Fear Of Birth Defects

You need to remind yourself as a mother that while it is true that some babies have problems during their birth there are many others who do not undergo any such problem. You must know that birth defects are very rare. All you need to do during your delivery is to keep your calm so that your baby’s health is not affected.

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