Tips By Physiotherapists For Sportspersons To Avoid Injuries

For athletes one of the most important thing to keep in mind is always taking good care of their health. It is important that they stay fit, eat healthy and have good immunity. This helps in improving their stamina and eventually their performance. Be it a footballer, runner, cricketer, tennis or badminton player or any other athlete or sports personality, this is one important rule that needs to be followed by all. But besides this, athletes also need to be extremely aware and cautious when on the field to not come across any sports injury. Hurting themselves can disqualify them and in worse cases injuries can be so fatal that it cannot let a person play or perform in future. To avoid this some of the top physiotherapist doctors in Dubai have recommended certain tips that can help in evading a sports injury especially for an athlete. Read below to know more.

Make Sure You Wear Protective Gear

One of the best ways to stay safe on the field is by wearing protective gears that can ensure one doesn’t fall prey to injuries. This protective gear depends upon the sport the athlete plays. One of the most common types of gear are helmet. Football, hockey, biking, cricket, skateboarding are some sports where wearing a helmet is extremely important and also mandatory. Mouth pads, wrist or elbow protection guards or knee guards etc. are some other protective gears that an athlete must wear!

Make Sure You Have Had A Good Warm Up Session

Every athlete needs to follow this rule. Simply bolting on the field and starting to play or perform is never a good idea. You always need to warm up well. You can opt to go for a warm jog so that you are loosened up and all set to perform on the field.

Make Sure You Are Well Versed With The Rules

When an athlete or sports man is well aware about the rules of the game he or she knows what’s allowed and what’s not. When a person knows this fewer injuries will take place. This way not just the player but all other players on the field are safe and not prone to any injury.

Stay Vigilant

And while you might be following all the rules well and abiding by them, there is good chance that the other players may not be doing so. For this reason it is extremely important that when on the field you never lose focus of what’s happening around you and stay vigilant so that you can tackle any unwanted situation, thus saving you from any injury or pain.

Avoid Playing When Injured

Nobody likes to sit back on the bench and watch the fellow mates play. But if you have been injured and advised to rest by your physiotherapist, please abide by that advice and rest. Playing before an injury is completely healed is a bad idea and might end up worsening your health.

For more tips or to treat any sports injuries, visit some of the finest hospitals in Dubai and clinics in Dubai.

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