Common Orthopedic Conditions In Women

While it is common for both males and females to suffer from problems related to their muscles, joints it is more common that there are certain injuries and conditions which tend to hamper and adversely affect the health of women than men. This can be due to various reasons such as genetic differences and hormonal changes. These changes tend to affect a woman’s bones and tissues leading to problems and other orthopedic conditions. Doctors in Dubai always suggest that women need to be extra careful about their health and wellness especially after the age of 30 years. This is because it is after this age that women start facing health related ailments and other problems. We have listed down some conditions that are common in women after the age of 30.

Frozen Shoulder

A frozen shoulder is probably one of the most painful ailments that women belonging to the age group of 30 and above go through. A frozen shoulder generally takes place when the shoulder joint of the female becomes extremely is Stiff or inflamed. While it is difficult to understand the reason for this condition, frozen shoulder is a problem that can last for a very long period of time and can hamper the overall health of a female. It restricts you from carrying out your daily Activities or chores. It can also occur as a result of injury or post a surgery. It is a problem that occurs more often in women than in men and hospitals in Dubai each year see an increasing number of females are suffering from this problem. Doctors suggest the best way to avoid this ailment is to keep your body healthy and active. Frozen shoulder usually occurs in women belonging to the age group of 40 to 60.

Acl Injuries

ACL injuries or anterior cruciate ligament injuries or another form of ailment that are most common in women belonging to the age group of 30 or above. These generally occur in women who play sports such as football or basketball. Female athletes are always at a higher risk of suffering from these injuries. It can affect your lower leg ligament and your muscle strength.

Ankle Injuries

The reason why women are more susceptible to an ankle injuries is because Of the stabilizing strategies. Ailments such as posterior tibialis tendonitis and ankle sprains are more common in women. Those women who tend to wear high heels shoes also suffer from ankle injuries.

Ganglion Cysts

The sisters are common health related ailment that is more prevalent in women than in men. It is the type of condition where a fluid limp is created in the hand. Usually these type of system occur at the back of the rest or at the base of a finger. They are more common in patients or women suffering from problems such as arthritis it’s all those women who are athletes or gymnasts.

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