Common Myths About Cough

One of the most common reasons why people in Dubai tend to visit doctors on a regular basis is because of cough. While it is not a very severe ailment it requires medical care and proper medications. However you would be surprised to know about the number of myths that have been believed by most people about coughing.

Most people start getting worried when a cough lasts for more than a week. However doctors in Dubai suggest that an average cough can actually last for about 18 days. We today have broken some common myths about coughing and cold and would like to share the same with you. Read below to know more:

Cough Is Called By Infections

One must know that the locational cough that affects an individual does not always indicate a very serious health problem. There could be different reasons for frequent bouts of coughing. This frequent bouts of coughing may or may not be called as a result of an infection. Flu, sinus infections, bronchitis are certain types of common cough that up calls as it is that of an infection. On the other hand there are various non-infectious causes of cough also that include asthma & GERD.

Antibiotics Cure A Cough

Hospitals in Dubai suggest that antibiotics can help in killing the bacteria however does not necessarily have an effect on viruses. A cough is generally caused due to a cold or flu which can be both due to viral infection. Hence it is Incorrect to believe that antibiotics can actually cure a cough.

A Hot Soup Can Cure A Cough

Those suffering from a cold generally tend to produce an excessive amount of mucus which gets into our lungs and causes a lot of coughing. While A hot bowl of soup can be very soothing to your throat and help in decreasing irritation and problems like sore throat, one must also know that it does not have any healing properties to cure your cough. It can only provide temporary relief to your Sore throat.

All Coughs Are Contagious

You also need to know that a cough may or may not be contagious. If a cough is caused by a result of a bacteria or a viral infection can be contagious. Although on the other hand, there are coughs that are caused as a result of different types of allergies or irritation which are not contagious.

Cough Syrups Help In Curing It

We want to tell you all to not get fooled by the different commercial cough syrups. As per the doctors in Dubai no good evidence has been shown that prove that a cough can be easily cured with the help of a syrup.

There Are Various Kinds Of Coughs

While most people still believe in this myth we want to tell you that there are only two different kinds of coughs. One is the dry cough and another one is a wet cough. While a dry cough irritates your throat it is generally called as a result of a viral infection of wet cough is cost as a result of excessive mucus in the lungs.

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