Common Food Allergies

Allergy is caused as a result of food Are extremely common in both children and adults. In fact these allergies are more common in children than those in adults. While it is possible for different types of foods or ingredients to cause allergies, there are most of the times are certain foods that are responsible for causing allergies. We spoke to some of the best Allergists and doctors in Dubai and asked them about their opinion on food allergies. Below listed are some of the common foods that can cause allergy in both kids and adults. Read below to know more.

Cow Milk

An allergy that is called as a result of cow milk is generally most common in babies and toddlers. This type of allergies are usually common in kids Especially when a baby is exposed to a product like cow milk protein before even six months of his or her age. However an allergy caused as a result of cow milk generally does not last for life long and mostly children overcome this type of allergy after completing three years or more.

Some of the common symptoms of allergies caused as a result of cow milk are rashes and vomiting. In worst cases someone can also suffer from problems such as constipation or diarrhea.


An allergy caused as a result of a consumption is another common cause of food allergies. Some of the symptoms of allergies called as a result of eggs are digestive distress, skin reactions, respiratory problems and rashes. It can be possible that a person can be allergic only to the white portion of the egg or in some cases only to the yolks. This is generally because the protein component in the egg white and yellow pate differs from each other.


Peanut allergic a said to be another common type of allergies both in kids and adults. While other food allergies it may not to be extremely harsh on one’s health or fatal one needs to know that peanut allergies can be potentially fatal. Drawback of this type of allergy is that most patients are not able to identify the real reason behind a peanut allergy. It is however said that the patient is a family history can be a common reason for such allergies. Peanut allergies and generally affect more children than it affects adults.

To know more about food allergies and its causes, visit some of the best hospitals in Dubai. Remember it is always better to watch out for symptoms that cause allergies & immediately seek medical help for the same.

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