Common Dental Myths To Know About

Dentists of Dubai often hear various oral health related myths. Today at Fidoc Have listed down some of the most common Dental myths as told by the dentists and doctors in Dubai.

You Only Need To Visit A Dentist When Your Teeth Hurts

This is probably one of the most common myths we all here when it comes to taking care of our teeth. Usually most of us often tend to ignore oral health which causes severe Problems in the long run. When it comes to taking care of your teeth always remember the popular saying, prevention is better than cure. This is because diagnosing and treating any oral health related problems at an early stage is much simpler and less complicated and also less painful than when they are addressed or identified at a later stage.

Hence even when you’re not experiencing any Dental health related symptoms or pain it is recommended that you make timely visit to your dentist. This is because your dentist can identify a problem at a very early stage.

Flossing Causes Spaces Between Your Teeth

This is another Common myth believed by many which needs to be broken. The truth is flossing can never create any spaces between your teeth. In reality flossing is extremely helpful in preventing tooth decay. When you floors on a daily basis, you are removing the leftover food from your teeth or around your gums. This activity actually helps in keeping your teeth healthy and eliminating the harmful bacteria.

You Can Brush At Any Time Of The Day

While dentist recommend patience to brush their teeth at least twice a day it is important that you know that brushing at a particular time has a great impact on your overall oral health. This is because when you sleep during the night time your salivary glance produce less amount of saliva. During the daytime this fellow is much higher and offers a cleansing effect which is not possible during the night time. Hence it is important that you wash your teeth and brush them well during the daytime. Brushing your teeth in the morning not only helps in fighting decay of teeth but also helps in fighting bad breath.

Diet Sodas Are Not Bad For Your Teeth

While it is true that diet sodas do not comprise of sugar which causes cavity you need to know that these are highly acidic. This can cause problems like tooth sensitivity. Some individuals try to drink soda slowly throughout the day not knowing that this can be even more hazardous. This is because each time you take a sip the bacteria in your mouth starts to work with the acid and can affect the quality of your teeth. Other beverages like citrus juice can also cause similar damage to your teeth. Doctors in Dubai recommend to switch to other healthy alternatives like vegetable juice or milk instead of sodas.

For more tips, visit the best dental clinics in Dubai.

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