Common Childhood Illnesses

Common Childhood Illnesses

Kids are usually prone to illnesses and allergies quickly as compared to adults. This is because a child’s immune system is weaker than adults and is under the developing stage. Hence, understanding the early signs of illnesses is very important. This can help you identify the cause of illness.

You need to make sure that your child has a balanced and proper diet that can help him keeping fit and healthy. A healthy diet can also improve the immune system of your child. Try including vegetables and fruits in your child’s diet that can supply the right amount of proteins, minerals and vitamins in his body. a good diet makes sure that your child’s body is full of the required nutrients that are needed to keep his immune system strong.

We at Fidoc have compiled a list of the common childhood illnesses that kids are prone to. Read below to know about them in detail


This is one of the most common health issue faced by most kids. Children usually get common cold about 6 times in year. The symptoms of cold are headache, loss of appetite, weakness, fever and a runny nose. If the cold clears out on its own in a few days, it is fine. However, if it persists further, it is time you give your child the required supplements and medicines. It is always recommended that you make a visit to the paediatrician. There are many paediatrician clinics in Dubai where you can take your child.

Chicken Pox

This is another common yet contagious illness that happens to most kids in their childhood. The common symptoms for identifying chicken pox are an itchy body that causes rashes and red spots. It usually occurs in kids after 2 weeks of being exposed to the virus. Other symptom for identifying if your child has been diagnosed with chicken pox is fever, headache, and sore throat. It usually takes children about 10 to 12 days to recover completely. During this time, try giving your child necessary vitamins for a speedy recovery.


Also called as pinkeye, conjunctivitis is a common illness in most kids as it is extremely contagious. This disease can occur in kids due to being prone to harmful bacteria and viruses. Try including foods that are rich in Vitamin A in order to treat conjunctivitis.


This is usually caused as a result of diarrhea. The symptoms are nausea and vomiting. Children can also get abdominal cramps and fever and feel dehydrated.

Hand and mouth illness

This is usually caused by viruses. The symptoms of this can be a low-grade fever or sores on fingers, hands and even mouth. It is highly contagious and should be treated from the best doctors in Dubai. Deficiency of Vitamin A can also be a reason for this disease. Give your child a healthy diet full of green leafy vegetables when suffering from this disease. Also ensure that the water intake during this time is very high.

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