Clinics in Karama

Finding a good clinic that offers multi-speciality services in different medical departments is very important. While there are many clinics in Dubai, you can find some amazing clinics in Dubai’s Karama area. The doctors working at these clinics have achieved great success in the healthcare industry of Dubai.

Take a look below at the list compiled that describes the best clinics in Karama:

Al Fida Medical Centre

While Al Fida Medical Centre is a multi-specialty clinic in Dubai, the dermatology services provided here are considered to be really good. You can completely rely on this clinic and the services they offer when it comes any dermatology and cosmetic concerns. Besides the dermatology services here, the dental treatments are also very good. The consultation charges at this clinic start only at AED 100. Many local residents of Karama have been visiting this clinic regularly. Patients have always had a positive experience at this clinic.

Al Jorf Medical Center

Al Jorf Medical Center is also a well-recognized medical clinic in Karama. Besides offering affordable services, the clinic is also considered to be amongst one of the best. Some of their specialities include dentist, general practitioner, ear-nose-throat specialist, endodontist, internal medicine, orthodontist etc. the clinic maintains high standards of cleanliness and practices medical treatments with utmost care and protection. The services offered at Al Jorf Medical Center and effective.

Al Ula Clinic

If you are looking out for a clinic that can take complete care of different ailments and can be a family clinic that you can rely upon, then Al Ula Clinic is surely the best clinic in Karama for you. The consultation charges at this clinic start only at AED 75. They have luxurious interiors and amazing facilities that help them serve the patients in a much better way. They are known for using top-notch cutting edge technology for the patients that help in a speedy recovery.

Dr. Ismail Medical Centre

Dr. Ismail Medical Centre is located in Karama, Dubai. The clinic comprises of a team of highly trained doctors in Dubai and expert surgeons. The doctors operating at this clinic are considered to be the best in the industry and have achieved immense success and popularity in the healthcare industry of Dubai. The consultation charges at this clinic start only at AED 80. The clinic is reliable and known for offering quick treatments to the patients.

Blue Bell Medical Centre

Blue Bell Medical Centre delivers dedicated facilities by highly skilled and expert medics like Dentist, Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist, General Practitioner (GP), Internal Medicine practitioner, Orthodontist, Endodontist, and Paediatrician. The centre is hygienic and sterile and uses latest tools to provide the best promising treatment to the patients. Another good thing about the clinic is that the doctors here are very helpful. This has made patients visiting the clinic gain a good amount of confidence in the treatments offered. The consultation charges are also affordable and start from AED 100.

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