What Causes Depression In Teenagers

Doctors in Dubai suggest that an increase in number of teenagers are being diagnosed with depression. Depression is probably one of the worst mental ailments that has seen a major rise in the recent years. While the reasons are many, most teenagers who suffer from this mental ailment suffer with problems such as substance abuse and anxiety. For this reason it is extremely important to diagnose depression in teenagers at a very early stage so that proper medical treatment can be offered in order to cure the problem.

We today have listed down some of the common reasons why teenagers suffer from depression on a large scale. Read below to know more about these reasons:

Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits

This is probably one major reason why teenagers today suffer from problems such as depression. With the invent of modern technologies their usage has also rapidly increased. As a result of this children often get caught up in these modern devices and neglect their personal lives. This results in a feeling of isolation which can further lead to depression. Besides this children today are more reliant on outside food or junk food which also causes different health related issues which may result in depression.

Lack Of Sleep

One of the major reasons and primary symptoms of depression in children is sleep disturbance. This is also commonly termed as insomnia by the doctors in the hospitals in Dubai. As per a research conducted it was shown that majority of the teenagers today sleep for only about six hours every day. You need to know that the recommended time for a teenager is about nine hours of sleep every day. Lack of sleep often leads to moodiness, irritability and eventually a depressed mood.

Exam Pressure

Exam pressure is another common reason why many children especially teenagers and adults and suffer from depression. We live in a very competitive environment today with securing higher grades and qualifying various entrance exams has become mandatory in order to get admissions in the best institute. This constantly increasing pressure often troubles children as they have to deal with unnecessary load of studies. The constant pressure of performing well in exams often leads to problems such as depression in children.

Adapting Bad Habits

Many a times, teenagers get caught up with bad habits. These could be consuming alcohol, tobacco or even drugs. Children do not understand at times when they need to stop and these habits hamper their overall mental health. Consumption of drugs and alcohol can affect their personal relations and studies as well. It can have a negative impact on their social behavior too. This may at times lead to depressed mood.

In order to ensure that children receive the right treatment for depression, parents need to look out for certain symptoms which can help in an early diagnosis of depression. The best way to deal with children suffering from depression is to identify the true cause behind it and communicate with them to resolve their issues.

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