Breaking Common Botox Myths

One of the easiest ways today to get rid of unwanted fine lines and wrinkles and to get a more natural flawless look is to undergo a Botox treatment. However there are many myths surrounding this treatment that most people believe even today.

However we spoke to some of the best doctors in Dubai and asked them about their opinion about undergoing a Botox treatment. You will be surprised to know that most of them said that Botox can indeed help you look well rested and bright. So we are going to bust some of the common myths surrounding this treatment. Read below to know more:

Botox is unsafe

This is probably a most common myth most individuals tend to believe. However you must know that Botox indeed has a very long history of a safe procedure. In fact there are thousands of research conducted that have proven that Botox has both therapeutic and cosmetic advantages. Not only this but on statement has been approved by all health standards from around the world and also by the FDA. Besides helping in enhancing your facial features motors also has many neurological advantages and can cure problems such as excessive sweating.

It can lead and loss of special expression

This is another myth about Botox that we are going to bust today. The fact about this treatment is that it can in fact help and relaxing your muscles and enhance your appearance so that you appear fresh and bright at all times.

Botox helps in targeting specific muscles of your face that can help in reducing negative expressions such as frowning. Today Botox is the treatment that is a widely sought after treatment known for its preventative benefits. However there are cases of an unnatural appearance of a post Botox treatment. This is generally when incorrect dosage of Botox has been given to the patient. For this reason you must only visit the best hospitals in Dubai who excel in offering the best treatment for Botox as it is a very precise drug that needs to be injected carefully.

Botox starts to build up in your body

Here is another common myth believed by most of us about the Botox treatment. The fact however is that Botox cannot accumulate in your body. Besides this, a Botox treatment can only display results for about 3 to 4 months. You need to undergo a right treatment in order to maintain the desired results. This means that if you discontinue your Botox treatments your muscles will resume to the previous level.

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