Best Sinus Treatment in Dubai

Sinus also called as rhinosinusitis in medical terms is an infection that takes places when the nasal cavities become highly infected or swollen. It is usually caused to due to a virus and continues to stay in the body even after some of its symptoms go away. Bacteria or fungus can also cause sinus in individuals. Some other symptoms or reasons that cause a sinus infection can be allergies or tooth infections.

It is a medical condition that can either be cured surgically or through medications, depending upon the severity of the case. Sinus can be either an acute one or chronic one. While acute sinusitis or sinus is of a shorter duration, chronical sinus persists in the body for a longer duration.

The Fidoc team has compiled a list below that talk about the best hospitals and clinics in Dubai. At these clinics, one can avail the best sinus treatment in Dubai. Read below to find out more:

Medicentres Polyclinic

This medical centre is located in the Downtown area of Dubai and the consultation charges at this clinic start at AED 400. Medicentres Polyclinic is regarded as one of the best clinics for sinus treatment for many reasons. The clinic has the best team of ENT specialists in Dubai who have over the years treated many acute and chronic cases of sinusitis. Besides the doctors here, the clinic offers an amazing ambience to the patients. The posh and luxurious ambience created by the clinic allows patients to relax. Also the staff here is extremely courteous and takes care of every patient visiting them. They also get full marks when it comes to maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in the clinic for better safety of its patients. the operating days and hours are Saturday to Thursday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. The clinic remains closed on Fridays.

Medeor Downtown Medical Centre

A multi-specialty clinic, Medeor Downtown Medical Centre is also one of the best clinics in Dubai. The clinic is also located in the Downtown area of Dubai. They offer excellent treatments for curing chronic sinus in patients. Besides sinus treatments the clinic offers health facilities in the field of physiotherapy, paediatricians and general practitioners. The consultation charges at this medical centre start at AED 500. The multiple specialists and doctors at this centre have achieved excellence in their respective fields.

Aster Clinic – Al Khail

If budget is a constraint and you are looking out for opting services that are affordable and at the same do not compromise on the quality of medications and treatments, then Aster Clinic – Al Khail is the best clinic where you need to go. The consultation charges at this clinic start only at AED 105. The clinic operates from Sunday to Saturday 7:00 am to 12:00 am. It is a multi-specialty clinic that offers services in dentistry and dermatology as well. The best doctors in Dubai are associated to them and the clinic has earned immense trust and respect over the years.

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