Best Ophthalmologist in Dubai

Eye health and eye care is probably one of the most crucial things that should never be ignored. While we are always visiting different centres, salons and cosmetic clinics to look and feel our best, we often forge to take care of those body parts that require special attention and care, one of them being our eyes. This is because ailments related to the eye most of the times are not easily visible. The symptoms can never be detected in their early stages. This is one reason why we should always be on our toes when it comes to treating ailments that are connected to the eye. This is also very crucial and in fact even more important in the case of children, elderly people and most importantly diabetes patients. did you know that a Diabetic patient should visit an ophthalmologist as least once every 3 months in order to avoid any sort of serious problem?

Visiting an ophthalmologist is far more important than visiting any salon or mall! This is because eye care is far more important than anything else.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best ophthalmologist in Dubai to help you plan your next visit to the doctor soon for a routine check-up. Take a look below to read more:

Acacia Medical Centre

Located at Jumeirah, Acacia Medical Centre is one of the best choices for those who wish to visit an ophthalmologist in Dubai. They have the best ambience anyone can ever imagine. The ambience ca easily makes a patient feel at ease and relaxes them. They have an amazing team of ophthalmologists on board with them who have excellent reputation and recognition in the eye care industry in Dubai. The consultation charges at this clinic start at AED 500 and the operating hours are from Saturday to Thursday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Dr. Vinod Gauba is one of the best ophthalmologist associated with this medical clinic.

Prime Medical Center

Prime Medical Center is located in the Bur Dubai area of Dubai and the consultation charges at this clinic start at AED 160. This is one of the oldest and reputed medical centers in Dubai and is known for offering excellent quality treatments for eye care. They are known to offer the best quality care for the patients visiting them.

NMC Medical Centre

NMC Medical Centre is situated at Abu Hail area of Dubai. This is another popular medical centre in Dubai that offers treatments at a very affordable rate. The consultation charges start only at AED 100. Their aim is to offer a healthy lifestyle to the people of Dubai. The ophthalmologist associated with this clinic is amongst one of the best in the industry and many expats and locals of Dubai visiting this centre frequently for regular eye-check-ups. The centre has the best doctors in Dubai associated with them and hence is one of our best picks.

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